OGL Luncheon, 12 April, 2019.


Alex Riley aka The Toff and Rod Parham aka Honky Tonk invite you and your partner to Our Next OGL Luncheon which will be held on Friday 12 April, 2019, commencing 12 Noon at the West Adelaide Football Clubrooms.

There will be a Posthumous Celebration of the Life of the late Jyll Watson with reference to her time at the Government Printing Office.

A Presentation will be made to the family by Mrs Jenny Easther (Jyll’s sister in law).

Jyll’s name will be entered on the Bernie Smith Legends Board located at West Adelaide Football Club

Attending: Alex Riley, David and Marilyn Harding, Jenny and Gary Easther, Bruce Watson and daughters Kerryn and Sharryn, Rod Parham, Rob and Wendy Powell, Marianne Hunn, Jude Marks, Ray Belt, Jack and Helen Flack, Brian Hartshorne, Trevor and Barbara Roberts, Con and Norma Rogers, Peter Plowman, David ‘Gunner’ Copley, Mike Burnett, Wayne Brown, Peter Megyery, Ian Pedler, Ann and Keith Heilmann (maybe), Geoff Michell, Eunice Wright (maybe), David and Wendy Walker, Tony Fitzsimmons, Garth Mugford, Janet Mcguiness, Keith Oxley, Dennis Duthie, Bob Downs, Darryl and Claire Stone, HD and David Matthews,

Apologies: Dennis Grover, David and Thelma Korff, Kevin and Judy Stack-Neale, Don Woolman, Vic Potticary, Kevin Stone, Dion Williams, Ellen Krueger,

To Book or tender an Apology contact Alex Riley on 0419 035 970 or Rod Parham on 0424 294 450.

OGL Luncheon, Friday, 15 Feb. 2019.

Date and Time: Friday, 15 February, 2019 at 12 Noon

Venue: West Adelaide Football Club Rooms.

38 Guests So Far…Join Them

Attending: Alex Riley, Rod Parham, Ellen Krueger, Marilyn and David Harding, Tony Harris, Rob and Wendy Powell, Marianne Hunn, Garth Mugford, Jude Marks, Faye Mc Connell, Dennis Grover, Ray Belt, Brian Hartshorne, Vic Potticary, Kevin and Judy Stack-Neale, Ann and Keith Heilmann, Con and Norma Rogers, Trevor and Barbara Roberts, Wendy and David Walker, Geoff Michell, Dennis Duthie, Eunice Wright, Tony and Elaine Fitzsimmons, Ian and Margaret Pedler, Mike Burnett, Wayne and Angela Brown, Jack and Helen Flack,

Apologies: Jenny and Gary Easther, Barry O’Donnell, David and Thelma Korff, Bob Downs, Keith Oxley, Darryl O’Keefe, Don Woolman

There will be a wonderful salad bar fit for Man or Beast.

For Bookings: contact either Alex Riley on 0419 035 970 or Rod Parham on 0424 294 450

Pics from our Luncheon held 24 February, 2017.


Pictured: Pam Palmer (Publications, Netley) and Michael Burnett (Despatch) at the Old Guv Luncheon held Friday, 24 February 2017, at the West Adelaide Football Club.


Pictured: The one and only Marianne Hunn came with her best friend (Marianne, I have forgotten her name. Apologies.)


Pictured: Jack Flack (Photomech, Quality Control, Reader) and Jenny Easther (defacto boss of Photomech.) with Alex Riley (The Toff) lurking in the backround.