Vale Lew Morrison.

Sadly, we advise the friends and workmates of Lew Morrison of his passing on Wednesday night the 21st March, 2018 at Flinders Medical Centre.

Lew was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 6th January, 1926.

He was educated at Dunhard Street School. After finishing school Lew decided that he definitely didn’t want to become a miner or a milk boy and settled for an apprenticeship in Letterpress Printing with Fowler’s Printing in Glasgow.

When the Nazis invaded Poland and war was declared, the senior printers were called up for war service and soon Lew was in Charge of the Factory and his friend Alec Neilson at just seventeen years of age.

More information will be provided as soon as it comes to hand.

Rod Parham

Legends Luncheon, Friday, 20 April, 2018.

You and Whoever are most respectfully invited to our next Luncheon to be held Friday, 20 April, 2018, commencing 12 Noon at the West Adelaide Football Club, Milner Road, Richmond

Salad Bar Available and much fun and Talk in abundance.

Well, the Secret is out the mystery guest  is Mister Wayne ‘Mongrel’ Brown, who was an effing Binder and Paper Cutter.
He is now over 70 years old and at times was also known as ‘Mister Hyde’. I wonder why?

He married the beautiful and Saintly Angela in 1971. (Wedding Photo above).
Unfortunately for Angela her eyesight wasn’t fully restored until after the wedding. Too Late…
Attending: Wayne and Angela Brown, Alex ‘Toff” Riley, Rod ‘Honky Tonk’ Parham, Don ‘The Flash’ Woolman, Jenny and Gary Easther, Judy Marks, Ian ‘Luwigi’ Russell and wife Yvonne, Dennis ‘Big Den” Grover, Garth Mugford, Ray Belt, ‘The Powells’ (Rob and Wendy), David and Marilyn Harding,
Apologies: Jack and Helen Flack (England), Grant Hofmeyer (Darwin), Kevin and Judy Stack-Neale,
Contact Alex on 0419 035 970 or Rod on 0424 294 450.

Happy 70th Birthday Grantley Hofmeyer

 Grant Hofmeyer was born on 7 December, 1947 in Adelaide.
He started at the Old Guv on KWR, in March, 1969 as a tradesman printer.
Allan Morris was the Overseer at the time and he showed Grant around but Frank Johnson was “in the Chair” by the time Grant started.
A humble Grant says his only claims to fame at the Old Guv were inventing the name “Topical Points” for the in-house magazine and serving as the Association Machine Room Rep. Outside of work he was awarded the Australia Medal for services to Fire Service Training.
He was good mates with Rick Bell (Maintenance) and worked alongside the legend Jackie Veitch. Grant worked at KWR for four years and at Netley for just six months.
He ran the National Printing Industry Training Council for a number of years. He was progressive which put him at odds with some of the more conservative and unreasonable voices on the Council.
But despite these obstacles Grant Hofmeyer achieved a huge amount for the training of young people in our industry.
Grant has been living happily in the Northern Territory for the past 15 years. He was “born to be a Printer and an Old Guv Legend.


Pics from our Luncheon held 24 February, 2017.


Pictured: Pam Palmer (Publications, Netley) and Michael Burnett (Despatch) at the Old Guv Luncheon held Friday, 24 February 2017, at the West Adelaide Football Club.


Pictured: The one and only Marianne Hunn came with her best friend (Marianne, I have forgotten her name. Apologies.)


Pictured: Jack Flack (Photomech, Quality Control, Reader) and Jenny Easther (defacto boss of Photomech.) with Alex Riley (The Toff) lurking in the backround.


Pictured: Judy Marks, who has done a wonderful job in getting some of her old workmates along to the Luncheons. Thanks Judy!