Northern Lights, Iceland by Myrdal.

Beautiful shot of the Northern Lights from the perspective of a drone by Oli Haukur Myrdal based in Keflavik, Iceland.
Using a high-end camera (Sony a7S II) that can handle low-light settings and strapping it to a drone, Myrdal was able to capture stunning views of the Reykjanes Peninsula with just enough moonlight to light up the scenes.
The motion of the drone and the different perspectives gives the film a real dimensionality.
Watch the Video via Northern Lights Filmed with a Drone by Ozzo Photography

Scaling the Rock Face in Moab, Utah.

Photograph from the Eyewitness series
It takes plenty of skill and nerve to accomplish this amazing feat.
A climber scaling a rock face in Utah.
The picture took first place in the sport and adventure category in the International Drone Photography competition.
Image Credit: Photograph by Max Siegal.
Source: Eyewitness: Moab, Utah | World news | The Guardian

Drone Picture from above the Rice Terraces of China.

On the terraces …This Drone photography competition the first to be run by SkyPixel – attracted 27,000 entries, including this photograph of a rice terrace in China, which was one of our favourites.
Photograph: SkyPixel
Source: The world’s best drone photography – in pictures | Travel | The Guardian

Stunning Green Waves in the Italian Countryside.

Green waves … this drone shot, taken in Italy, won second prize in the Amateur Beauty category.
Image Credit: Photograph by Mauro Pagliai/SkyPixel
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Shooting Chicago by Foot and Drone by Michael T. Meyers.

It was less than two years ago when photographer Michael T. Meyers picked up a camera for the first time.
Looking for a constructive way to spend his time after becoming sober, he became passionate about his hobby and soaked in as much as he could about shooting and editing.
His hobby has since transformed into a new profession, with him leaving behind a 20-year career in the advertising world (as a writer and creative director) to pursue photography full-time.
Meyers is based out of Chicago and the city has provided the backdrop for his most memorable work.
Armed with his Sony a7rii and DJI Phantom 4 drone, he takes to the city, capturing the Chicago skyline swathed in mysterious fog. As he’s endeavored on a path as a photographer, Meyers has rediscovered his own city.
With a newly sharpened eye, every moment becomes a possible image.

“The thing I love most about photography is that as a photographer, it makes you so much more aware of the things around you,” Meyers tells us in an email.
“The way light falls on buildings or water, and what the same spot can look like at different parts of the day. The way lines exist and converge and play with each other, in both natural and urban landscapes. How a place or a moment can evoke a specific and special kind of emotion.
The trick is, you actually have to stop and pay attention to these things in order to appreciate them. Being a photographer, in a good way, forces you to see these things and capture them in order to create an interesting shot.”
By shooting from unexpected angles and perspectives, Meyers’ pictures of Chicago place the city in a new light.
His dynamic and unexpected images provoke observers into a newfound appreciation of their surroundings.
Source: Pictures of Chicago by Self-Taught Photographer Michael T. Meyers

The Long and Winding Road to Transylvania.

Your Shot photographer Calin Stan used a drone aerial camera to capture this image of the Cheia road.
“This road takes you to Transylvania.
Yes, THAT Transylvania, the birthplace of the legendary Count Dracula (Vlad Tepes,)” writes Stan.
“The legend says that this would be his view during his nocturnal flights! 
Nevertheless, it’s a breathtaking view with a magnificent road.”
Photograph by Calin Stan
Source: Editors’ Spotlight — National Geographic Your Shot