A Message of Love from Above, Quingtian, China.

Qingtian, China.
An aerial photograph shows a love message arranged in flowers on the terraced fields of a mountain outside of Xiaozhoushan township.
Image Credit: Photograph by Xinhua/Barcrof
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The Katskhi Pillar, Georgia, Asia.

The Katskhi Pillar, where an elderly Georgian monk has lived for the past 24 years in order to be “closer to God.”
The monk has his food winched up by volunteers from the monastery below.
Image Credit: Photograph © Amos Chapple / Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Source: Over Georgia, Last Drone Photos Before Regulation – The Atlantic

From Above: Whales Visit Stand Up Paddle Boarder, Australia.

Jaimen Hudson became quadriplegic after a motorcycle accident, but can control his drone with his thumbs and shoulder movements and here captures his friend Dave Price paddle boarding with whales off the west coast of Australia.
“It just so happened that he was out at the time, and a few people let me know there were whales on the beach and it all just went from there,” Hudson said in an online interview.
“They were really curious and came over to meet [Dave]…
Just very inquisitive about him, I don’t think it was really that dangerous at all.”
Source: Drone Catches Whales Visiting a Standup Paddleboarder — 5 things I learned today

From above: Fishermen closing the net in Fujian Province, China.

Catching the winning image …
Fishermen close the net in the Fujian province of China.
This drone photograph was the grand prize winner in the Drone Photography competition.
Image Credit: Photograph by Ge Zheng/Ge Zheng/SkyPixel
Source: The world’s best drone photography – in pictures | Travel | The Guardian

Drone’s Eye View of the Clarence Valley, Australia.

A bird’s eye view of one of Australia’s classic scenic places the Clarence Valley at Cangai, in New South Wales, is now achievable thanks to images captured by licensed drone operators.
Image Credit: Photograph by ABC Open contributor Jessica Robertson
Source: The mighty Clarence – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Northern Lights, Iceland by Myrdal.

Beautiful shot of the Northern Lights from the perspective of a drone by Oli Haukur Myrdal based in Keflavik, Iceland.
Using a high-end camera (Sony a7S II) that can handle low-light settings and strapping it to a drone, Myrdal was able to capture stunning views of the Reykjanes Peninsula with just enough moonlight to light up the scenes.
The motion of the drone and the different perspectives gives the film a real dimensionality.
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