Protect yourself during a Electrical Storm.

Photo: If you are stranded outside in an electrical storm do not shelter under tall objects such as trees or poles. (Rohan Coghlan: User submitted) by Samantha Turnbull It is storm season in Australia and, while being struck by lightning is considered a rare occurrence, there are several steps people can take to keep safe. […]

The case of the glowing cross.

Molesworth Street, Lismore. IMAGE CREDIT: Trove by Tim the Yowie Man A lonely country cemetery in northern NSW is the site of one of Australia’s most unusual unsolved mysteries. IN 1907, FOLLOWING a fatal attempt to stop a runaway train at Mullumbimby, a young rail worker, William Steenson was laid to rest in the North […]

The tragic Burke and Wills Expedition of 1860.

The Disastrous Burke and Wills Expedition of 1860. Robert O’Hara Burke was born in Ireland in 1821. Because of the Victorian gold rush, there was a shortage of police and so he joined the Victorian police force. William John Wills was born in England in 1834 and had come to Australia when he was eighteen. […]

The Huskar Pit Disaster, 1838.

The 4th of July 1838 was a dreadful day in Silkstone’s history. It was when 26 children between the ages of 7 and 17, working as ‘hurriers’ and ‘trappers’, were drowned after the dayhole through which they were attempting to escape from the Husker (or Huskar) Pit at Moorend was flooded. This happened during a […]

Full Moon on Fire.

A full moon rises behind burning moorland as a large wildfire sweeps across the moors between Dovestone and Buckton Vale in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom on 26 June 2018 Image Credit: Photograph by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images Source: The best British press photography – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

A Wet Wedding saved by Poo Bags.

The happy couple planned the Perfect Wedding, at beautiful Sellicks Beach located South of Adelaide. The weather  forecaster said, ‘No bloody worries, it’s going to be a belter.’ So with hope in their heart and their wonderful relatives and friends in tow hey made their way down to the beach. Everyone was  just so excited […]

The German Sinking of the ‘Lusitania’ 1915.

On May 1, 1915, the ship departed New York City bound for Liverpool. Unknown to her passengers but probably no secret to the Germans, almost all her hidden cargo consisted of munitions and contraband destined for the British war effort. As the fastest ship afloat, the luxurious liner felt secure in the belief she could […]

The Disastrous Story of Australia’s first stamp.

In 1913 a red 1d (one penny) stamp bearing a kangaroo and a map of Australia superseded the Commonwealth colony stamps being used in individual states. However, it didn’t enter circulation without controversy. It was lampooned at the time for being a weak example of Australian culture and created great divides within the relatively newly […]

Newcastle’s Shipwreck History.

Little remains of the MV Sygna after the storm in 1974 that left it wrecked on Stockton Beach, but the Sygna is just one in over 200 vessels that have met their end there. The port of Newcastle used to be described by mariners as a ‘hellhole’ with over 200 vessels having been wrecked in […]

The Great Boston Molasses Flood, 1919.

On 15 January 1919, a massive tank containing 2.2m gallons of molasses burst in Boston, causing the death of 21 people. Photograph: Bettmann/Bettmann Archive An obscure accident led to the first class action lawsuit against a major company, paving the way for modern regulation. It may sound like the fantastical plot of a children’ story […]