Derwombat’s Blog – 12 April 2019.

The Toff swore blind that David ‘Gunna’ Copley would not show up to last week’s Old Guv Luncheon.
But David did show, bless him. Which meant that I won 5 cents from Mr Tightarse.
A Great Bloke is Alex Riley, aka The Toff. But, Why is he called the Toff?
Born into wealth he was head bastard at his school. When he started at the Old Guv in 1960 he refused to sweep the footpaths outside the office lest someone might think he was a shit boy. He abused a beloved Government Printer Les Hawes.
He ended up planner in charge and some say he was a good boss.
But Kevin Stone who has known Alex for over 50 years was insulted by the Toff a few years back when he looked at Kevin and then uttered these words ‘Who are You/’.
At the Luncheon we also welcomed Helen Dobie and David Matthews along with Darryl Stone and his wife Claire.
Light clown humour was provided by our very own version of Laurel and Hardy (Wayne Brown and his prodigal son Peter Meghery).
On the Sick List we have Vic Potticary, Ian Grunert, Hector Korsten, Elaine Fitzsimmons, Bruce Lockier, please remember them in your thoughts.
Workmates who have passed: Jyll Watson, Bindery, Bert Cotton, Courier, Barry James, Photomechanical.

Regards Derwombat

How’s Vic Potticary Going?

Where do we begin?

Previously, we told you that Vic had taken ill after the death of his son Malcolm

Vic was taken to Royal Adelaide Hospital for stomach tests then discharged but to where?

With some great detective work by our friend Mike Burnett we located him at Calvary Flora McDonald Retirement Home, Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Cowandilla.

Vic’s wife Audrey is a permanent resident.

Vic will be there until 15 April, 2019, when he goes back to RAH for further tests.

In the meantime special thanks to Marilyn and David Harding, Jack and Helen Flack, Brian Hartshorne, Wayne and Angela Brown, Alex Riley, Peter Plowman, Jim Douglas, Mike and Helen Burnett for visiting Vic and lifting his spirits.

He is much happier and quite talkative.

See you all at the Luncheon on Friday, 12 April, 2019, 12 Noon at Westies.

Rod Parham




Old Guv Legends Luncheon Report.

Friday, 15 February, 2019.

Before we get into the Report please give some thought to the following amongst us who are unwell at this time:
Kevin Stack-Neale, Elaine Fitzsimmons, Ian Grunert, Bruce Lockier,
If you know of others who may like a Cheerio, let us know.
The Luncheon was an amazing success with Tony Harris (Bindery) making an appearance. Welcome Tony.
Tony being there made Ian Pedler happy and when the Mongrel showed up Ian was in raptures.

Peter Megyery showed up because he heard Wayne ‘Mongrel’ Brown was coming. Peter simply worships the ground Browny walks on.
Peter also thinks Alex Riley is a scholar and a gentleman. Peter is a nice chap who loves to walk everywhere but his judgement of some people is way off beam.
The delightful and handsome Mike Burnett was present. One cruel person said the reason Mike likes to keep in touch with the Old Guvvers is because it’s good for business.

Now Talking about Alex Riley he was out in the Westies car park once again trying to charge his old workmates $5 to sit inside his heap of crap Jaguar. No takers this time. What a bastard he is.
Special mention to Marianne, Jude Marks, Barbara Roberts, Judy Duthie, Margaret Pedler, Norma Rogers, Wendy Powell, Helen Flack, Eunice Wright, Wendy Walker Ann Heilmann, Marilyn Harding and late comer the beautiful Angela Brown.
I had a wonderful time talking to Wendy Powell and Dennis Duthie before realising they both have hearing problems and couldn’t hear a word I said. No wonder they looked so happy.
Thanks to Steve and the Helpful staff at Westies, Great effort people.
Rod Parham

Harry the Horse and The Toff.

This photo is of the late Harry Kinder (an excellent English Compositor).
Note: Harry who was ‘old school’ always wore a tie to work.
The other person in the photo is a quite young Alex (The Toff) Riley.
Apparently Alex was a nice person with hair in those days. However, he was later to become a selfish and cruel person.
This rather suggestive photo was taken by the late John Hunkin (Monotype Operator) many, many years ago…
Location: Could possibly be Jolly’s Boatshed, River Torrens, Adelaide. 

‘My Blazing Nuts’, an Adults Only Story of Pain.

I had a near death experience some 40 years ago when I lived with my Mum and Dad and slept out the back of the house in a “sleep out”.
It was one warm Adelaide night that I rolled over in bed and displaced a testicle.
Where did it go? I don’t know, but all of a sudden I had a golf ball and a basketball where normally two snooker balls should have been !
Oh! The agony and searing pain. I staggered into the house and wailed for my dear old Dad.
My father had been a Sar Major in the Aussie Army and not unused to grief. “It will be fixed,” he announced. “Now go back to bed my boy and I will be out in a flash”.
I laid back on the bed groaning and throbbing. The door flew open and in walked Dad a can of Johnson’s Baby Powder in one hand and a Philips Heat Lamp in the other.


He proceeded to powder the painful area profusely with baby powder and then taking the heat lamp he concentrated its red intense ray on those poor unfortunate testicles.
Did it help you may ask?
No Bloody Way! After an hour of this torture I screamed “Help Me”!”
“Perhaps, I had better ring the Doctor,” Dad murmured.
Some time later he came back and said, “Not Good News I’m afraid son.” “There’s a possibility you may die if we don’t get you to the Royal Adelaide Hospital quick smart”.
We made it to the Emergency Ward in Dad’s old FC Holden.
There. a group of Doctors were excitedly calling to each other. “Hey! Come and have a look at this.” “I’ve never seen one of these before!”
They herded me into a small room and turned off the lights. I was hysterical. Then the flashlights started popping on as they strained to get a better view.
All I could see was eyes, doctor eyes!
Then the manipulation began as they tried to move the offending testicle back into its rightful pocket.
It worked, the relief was instantly wonderful as they congratulated themselves for saving yet another set of testicles.
I staggered out into the corridor to live yet another day. Dad was waiting and hugged me.
Under his breath I think I heard him say, “Next time I think I’ll use the bloody Savlon cream instead.”

Derwombat’s Report

At our Old Guv Legends Presentation on Friday 6 July, 2018, Ian Pedler was recognised as an Old Guv Legend.
Ian started at the Guv in 1966, as an Hand Binding Apprentice.
In those days Ian was a very handsome man with lots of flowing hair and a beautiful beard.

Photo: That was good enough for Ian to attract Margaret an intelligent and attractive lady and they married in 1975.
Sadly, his looks have faded but Ian did have some brilliantly funny stories to tell the luncheon gathering.
Unfortunately, due to the cold weather numbers were slightly down. Those who braved the weather were Alex Riley, Rod Parham, Ian and Margaret Pedler, Rob and Wendy Powell, Jenny and Gary Easther, Ray Belt, David, Thelma, and Charlie Korff, Dennis Grover, Kevin Rex and Judy Stack-Neale, Keith Oxley, Wendy and David Walker, Conrad and Norma Rogers, Dennis Duthie & friends Ellen Krueger, Geoff Michell, John and Antonia Manfield, Bob Downs.
Apologies were received from Ann and Keith Heilmann, Pam Palmer, Marianne Hunn, Wayne and Angela Brown, Garth Mugford, Coralie Hills, Dave and Marilyn Harding, Trevor Roberts, Darryl O’Keefe, Eunice Wright, Judy Marks, Jack and Helen Flack, Brian Hartshorne, Barry O’Donnell, Don Woolman, Mike. Burnett, Tony Fitzsimmons, Vic Potticary.