Grant and Bazza

Grant Hofmeyer (letterpress printer, historian, blacksmith, training co-ordinator and OHS guru) lives in Darwin. Barry O’Donnell (footballer, football umpire, printer, friend of a Scotsman and all round good guy). Also, an occasional Lift provider…

Hans Roling.

There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that Hans Roling wasn’t having a good time at the O’Donnell table at the Reunion. Just look at him here he’s laughing kitbags! I think…

Allan Dell.

I have known Allan Dell since July, 1973 when on my first day at work Bob Downs ‘anKissMyArse’ warned me that a gentleman Allan (2L’s) Dell battered metal type with gay abandon. “He wears hobnailed boots and then struts his stuff over the type formes,” Bob whispered’. I was horrified. Now I believed that Bob […]

Little Lew Morrison.

The late Little Lew Morrison accidentally ended up in the “Royal Navy” during World War II. Whilst pretending to be a Sea Scout he got drafted and soon was entertaining all the sailors and troops. Not many knew it, but Lew looked like Fred Astaire and he danced like him as well. Well, almost! He […]

‘My Coulrophobia’.

What is “Coulrophobia”? It is the irrational fear of Clowns. Since it is not an old phobia, but one that has increased in recent decades, little is known about coulrophobia. Scientists and doctors now agree that it is a result of not knowing who lies behind the excessive makeup, red nose and hair color. Some […]

‘An Act of Kindness during the Action’.

Bedded down somewhere in the Pacific during the mayhem and fierce fighting against the Japanese army during World War II, this American soldier takes time out to show some kindness by feeding a banana to a battle weary goat. derwombat.

Is this Fake News?

Take a close look at this picture. Who does it remind you of? It’s supposed to be Wayne Riley, cousin to our Alex ‘The Toff’ Riley. Wayne is from Darwin. I wonder if that picture is ‘fair dinkum’. It looks suspiciously like Riley wearing a wig from his doll collection. If it is Alex he […]

Kym and Alex.

As a young hot metal apprentice Kym never believed the stories about Alex that he was ‘tight as a fishes ass hole’. He thought, ‘Why are people so cruel about Alex’? Why do they say that he will not spend any money and that he will never open his wallet and buy his wife dinner? […]

Harry the Horse and The Toff.

This photo is of the late Harry Kinder (an excellent English Compositor). Note: Harry who was ‘old school’ always wore a tie to work. The other person in the photo is a quite young Alex (The Toff) Riley. Apparently Alex was a nice person with hair in those days. However, he was later to become […]

‘My Blazing Nuts’, an Adults Only Story of Pain.

I had a near death experience some 40 years ago when I lived with my Mum and Dad and slept out the back of the house in a “sleep out”. It was one warm Adelaide night that I rolled over in bed and displaced a testicle. Where did it go? I don’t know, but all […]