“Abandoned Lighthouse to disappear by 2023.”

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, Northern Jutland, Denmark.
This lighthouse was built on the top of a cliff in 1900 and ceased operating in 1968.
With coastal erosion and continually shifting sands a major problem in the area, it is anticipated that by 2023 the cliff will have been eroded so far that the lighthouse will fall into the sea.
Image Credit: Photograph by Elisabeth Coelfen/Dreamstime
Source: Abandoned places: the worlds we’ve left behind – in pictures | Travel | The Guardian

“Atmospheric Art by Martensen”.

Peter-Martensen7Peter Martensen is a fine art painter residing and working out of Hellerup, Copenhagen.
The artist is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Odense, Denmark who creates paintings in bleak and atmospheric moods set in a beautifully surreal, dream-like state
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Are these trains about to take over the world?

Michael Knudsen, a photographer from Denmark, has captured what looks like the beginning of the robot rebellion.
The stunning image shows three trains stationed side by side, their carriages appearing like the bodies of mechanical snakes.
What’s more eerie, though, are their headlights glowing like red fiery eyes staring right at us!
The photo, went viral on the Bored Panda Facebook page.
Knudsen has an entire photography series on the trains and their depot, some of which you can see below.




Via Bored Panda
Source: These trains in Denmark look like they’re about to take over the world



For many years the Danish studio Monstrum makes the life of parents of their country a little easier by creating unique playgrounds.
Moreover, each one of them is different.


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