Eerie and Fiery Eyed Trains at Rest.

Michael Knudsen, a photographer from Denmark, has captured what looks like the beginning of the robot rebellion. The stunning image shows three trains stationed side by side, their carriages appearing like the bodies of mechanical snakes. What’s more eerie, though, are their headlights glowing like red fiery eyes staring right at us! The photo, went […]

Niels Bohr, Science Geek & Smart Ass.

Niels Bohr was one of the finest scientific minds the world has ever known, even from a young age he showed his aptitude for science by routinely correcting any wrong information he’d find in his textbooks. But he was also a world-class smart-ass, as we’re about to explain. When questioned about what he’d do if […]

Summer Evening at Skagen Beach 1899.

Summer Evening at Skagen beach (1899) by the Danish painter P.S. Krøyer, is a portrait of the artist and his wife Marie. In the 1890s, P.S. Krøyer painted a number of evocative scenes of people walking along the shore. The painting was probably commissioned by Heinrich Hirschsprung and included in what later would come to […]

Woman in a Greenhouse, Denmark..

Artist Susanne Ussing (1940–1998) was a Danish visual artist and architect who worked in a variety of different mediums from photography and ceramics to large-scale installations and sensory exhibitions. One of her most impactful pieces was this 1980 installation titled I Drivhuset (In the Greenhouse) that was installed at the Ordrupgaard Museum in Copenhagen. The […]