Havana’s Oldest Printmaking Studio.

Ian Marcos Gutiérrez, a 23-year-old printer at the Taller Experimental de Gráfica, in Havana, helps the author prepare a block of lithographic limestone for printing. (Arien Chang Castán) by Mimi Dwyer; Photographs by Arien Chang Castán Lithography arrived in Cuba before anywhere else in the Americas, as a way to protect the sanctity and integrity […]

Cigar Box Labels.

Elaborate Vintage Cigar Box Labels: A Plethora of Themes and Visual Curiosities The collecting of cigar boxes is, like the collecting of stamps and coins, a specialized field of interest. Peculiar Postage, which previously appeared here on Dark Roasted Blend, was not intended as a detailed study of stamps, merely a look at some of […]

Rooftops in Havana.

Rooftops in Havana Susan Pyburn had just settled into her 14th-floor hotel room when she looked down at an “old street slicing through the city, fat pillars of buildings in deep disrepair…” I now see that the juxtaposition of rooftops sets up an intriguing study of present-day life in Havana. Image Credit: photography by Susan […]

Woman & Child in Havana at Dusk.

Havana at dusk by Alice Hawkins. Cuba is a fairytale place. I like that you can just stay in people’s houses or wander into someone’s home and eat with a family. My last trip there was for a fashion shoot with Love magazine in 2012. We had so many clothes that the stylist had to […]