Summer Pics from the Woodland Trust.


Woodland Trust Wild Summer photography competiton winner: Sunset over Dunraven Bay.  Photograph: Joaquim Pinho/Woodland Trust
From golden sunset on the beach to harvest mouse dangling on blackberries and kingfishers snacking up on insects, here is a selection of some of the best wildlife and nature images on the Wild Summer theme picked from over 6,000 entries
Clent Hills in Worcestershire. Photograph: John Smart/Woodland Trust
A white tailed eagle descends to catch a fish on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. Photograph: Martin Jones/Woodland Trust

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Ingo and Poldi are ‘Friends.’

ingo-else-dog-owl-friendship-tanja-brandt-4I wouldn’t have believed that an owl and a dog could become best friends until I saw these surprising and adorable photos by Tanja Brandt, a professional animal photographer and collage artist in Germany.
Ingo the shepherd dog and Poldi the little owl seem more than happy to cozy up to each other for photoshoots bathed in golden evening light.
If you like these photos, be sure to visit Brandt’s site, because Ingo has a whole lot of beautiful friends, be they other shepherds or other fierce birds of prey besides Poldi.
Brandt creates animal photos and collages professionally, so she seems to have a lot of cooperative models to work with!
Though these photos certainly are adorable and unique, Ingo and Poldi aren’t the only unusual animal friends out there – we have a post about all sorts of unusual animal friends!
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Luka, an Orphaned Black Flying Fox.


Image Credit: Photograph by Ken Drake.
This orphaned Black Flying Fox, called Luka, was rescued by the RSPCA Queensland.
Ken, who photographed Luka for the RSPCA’s Hope Calendar, says that his goal in this image was to enhance the public’s attitude towards Flying Foxes, an ecologically-valuable species, in the wake of negative press.
Camera Model: Nikon D800ISO: 200Aperture: f8Shutter Speed: 1/250Lens: AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-EDPost-processing programs used:
Photoshop Special Effects: None, just some dodging and burning.
via Gallery: International Loupe photography awards 2013.

Ernst Haeckel’s Study and Illustrations of Jellyfish.

The German biologist Ernst Haeckel was fascinated by medusae, the umbrella-shaped animals commonly called jellyfish.
For Haeckel, whose imagination was shaped in the Romantic era, medusae expressed the exuberant yet fragile beauty of Nature. And in their ethereal forms he glimpsed a reflection of his great love Anna Sethe, who died tragically at the age of twenty-nine.
Haeckel had been engaged to Anna for four years when, in 1862, he became associate professor of zoology at the University of Jena.
The job gave the adoring pair the economic security they needed to finally marry. In the same year, Haeckel published a book on radiolaria (microscopic plankton) which he furnished with stunning illustrations.
In Jena, the newlyweds lived together in bliss for eighteen months. Then, on the day he was supposed to celebrate his thirtieth birthday and receive an award for his radiolaria book, Anna died suddenly, probably of a burst appendix
”Haeckel travelled to the Mediterranean town of Nice to attempt a recovery from his suicidal malaise.

One day he took a walk and saw a medusa in a rock pool: “I enjoyed several happy hours watching the play of her tentacles which hang like blond hair-ornaments from the rim of the delicate umbrella-cap and which with the softest movement would roll up into thick short spirals.”
He made a sketch and named the species Mitrocoma Annae [Anna’s headband].
Source: Ernst Haeckel’s Jellyfish – The Public Domain Review

Esmeralda, the World’s Heaviest Giant Tortoise

Bird Island, Seychelles
Esmeralda the World’s heaviest free roaming Giant Tortoise.
The Royal Zoological Society say he broke the scales at 298kg (800lb) back in the 1980’s.
He lives with 19 other smaller tortoises on the island.
Image Credit: Photograph by Geoff Moore/REX/Shutterstock
Source: Paper lanterns and cattle herders: Thursday’s best photos | News | The Guardian

‘White Creatures’.

albino-animals-12Some of the animals on this list are albinos, while others are simply members of rare white species. Whatever the case, mankind has been fascinated by such animals for ages.
Some consider them to be sacred, and others – demonic.
Whether you find them strange, beautiful, ghostly or freakish, we hope you enjoy this collection of animals that nature simply forgot to color in.
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