Haunting Images of life inside a Steel Mill.

Images by Photojournalist Kevin Frayer (Getty Images). Like the other 160-plus signatories of the Paris climate agreement, China has pledged to slash its greenhouse gas emissions in the years ahead as part of a global goal of halting rising temperatures. “Our response to climate change bears on the future of our people and the wellbeing […]

Sunset at ancient City of Jiaohe.

A view of the ruins of the ancient city of Jiaohe, seen at sunset in March, 2007 in Turpan, China. Jiaohe, was built on a 98-foot-high loess plateau over 2,300 years ago, lies in the Yarnaz Valley and is protected by the natural fortification of the precipitous cliffs. The city has been a major passageway […]

Morning Fog at the Great Wall of China.

Early morning fog covers the Jiankou section of the amazing ancient Great Wall of China, located in Huairou District, north of Beijing, China. Image Credit: Photograph by REUTERS/Damir Sagolj Source: Photos of the week | Reuters.com

Tibetan Buddhists on Pilgrimage to Monastery.

Gannan, China: Local Tibetan Buddhists on a pilgrimage to Labrang Monastery. Pilgrims perform prostrations along the road, taking three or five steps between each bow. Image Credit: Photograph by He Jian/TPOTY Source: Travel Photographer of the Year 2018: the winners | Travel | The Guardian

The World’s Oldest Printed Book.

The Diamond Sutra is an ancient Buddhist sermon that generations of Buddhists have memorized and chanted since at least the fifth century. The sutra, which meditates on the illusory nature of the material world—the central theme of Buddhism, was originally written in Sanskrit in India, from which it was translated to Chinese in 401 AD. […]

Honey Hunting on Cliffs of Yunnan Province.

Honey hunters Dong Haifa (top) and Mi Qiaoyun stand on a makeshift rope ladder, surrounded by bees as they work together gathering wild cliff honey on the cliffs of China’s Yunnan province, 11 May, 2019. Image Credit: Photograph by Kevin Frayer / Getty Source: Honey Hunting on the Cliffs of China’s Yunnan Province: Photos – The […]

Sunrise in Guangxi Province.

Good Morning Damian Shan. Major Open overall winner and Open Award Winner in Nature / Landscape. Taken at sunrise in China’s Guangxi Province, along the Li River, this panorama by photographer Jesus M. Garcia is stitched together from seven vertical images. Image Credit: Photograph by © Jesus M. Garcia / The Epson International Pano Awards […]

Recreating Mars in the Gobi Desert.

Jinchang, China A staff member wearing a mock space suit poses in the Gobi desert near the C-space project Mars simulation base outside Jinchang. Image Credit: Photograph by Thomas Peter/Reuters Source: The 20 photographs of the week | Art and design | The Guardian

Workers harvesting Tea in Zhejiang Province.

According to a legend, tea was first discovered by the Chinese emperor Shennong in 2737 BC. Today China is the world’s biggest tea producer, producing 2.43m tonnes last year. The tea industry in China employs around 80 million people as both farmers and pickers, and in sales Image Credit: Photograph by Roman Pilipey/EPA.  Seasonal workers […]

The Temples of Mount Fanjing.

Fanjingshan or Mount Fanjing, in Guizhou Province in southwest China, is a sacred Buddhist site and a place of great natural beauty with unusual rock formations and rich biodiversity. Many Buddhists believe that Fanjingshan is where one can reach spiritual enlightenment as Maitreya Buddha did. Since the Tang Dynasty, which ruled over China from the […]