Night Kayaking, The Rockies.

Image Credit: Photograph by Paul Ziska.
“Working alone and out in remote locations is always time-consuming, and it involves a lot of back and forth to get the shot,” says Paul Zizka of this self-portrait he took in a kayak on Goat Lake in the Canadian Rockies.
“I had been planning on visiting this location for some time, and on this night the conditions were perfect.
The stars danced across the surface of the lake, and it felt like I was gliding through the night sky.
”Shooting a self-portrait at night isn’t without its challenges, Zizka says. Keeping yourself still enough in a kayak so the camera can catch a sharp exposure is particularly daunting.
“I propped the kayak on top of a rock to help stabilize it once I was in the frame. It took a few tries, but eventually I got a frame with sharp focus that I could be happy with.”
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Icy Images of Montreal.


People living in Montreal are used to extreme weather changes but not many of them have quite seen it like this.
In the middle of the fall season a cold front hit and with the winds blowing created something otherworldly.
I first had a glimpse of it from the other side of the canal.
You could see the trees covered in ice and with the sun setting I knew it would be quite a place.
So, the next day I braved the cold and made my way there.
The water sprayed through the air with the strong winds causing me to clean the lens every few seconds but I managed to get the shots.
Sadly, no frost giants found
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Secret Plateau Gallery, Montreal.


Fresh work by Ledo, En Masse, Miss Me & Waxhead. Photos by Lisa Sproull
Montreal is a street art paradise, with enormous talent, a collaborative spirit and a rising profile thanks in part to festivals like Under Pressure and Mural Fest.
While most artists enjoy the visibility that comes with finding a great spot, or the recognition from having their work disseminated online, sometimes artists just gotta create for art’s sake.
One such creative outpouring is going down right now in a secret location somewhere in the lower Plateau.
The three-level inner courtyard space has turned into a living gallery representing a who’s who of Montreal’s established and emerging street art community, including organizer TurtleCaps and 38 other participating artists such as En Masse, Starchild Stela, HoarKor, Kevin Ledo, Miss Me, Axe, Tava, X-Ray and MC Baldassari.
3552992d-416f-4a56-b722-842b0c13a428_zpsd02862b4Starchild Stela
The project has been labelled Cabane à Sucre by organizer and NYC transplant TurtleCaps, in homage to a similar intervention called Surplus Candy that was conducted in his home city by NYC artist Hanksy — in that case, over 40 artists decked out a condemned East Village brownstone shortly before the whole structure was downed by the wrecking ball.
TurtleCaps suspects the Cabane à Sucres site will eventually meet a similar fate due to encroaching gentrification, and appreciates how the new collaboration is a way to bring the building back to life, if only briefly before its inevitable death.
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One and a bit Polar Bears.

1298These adorable images of new born polar bears are bound to warm the hearts of even the biggest Ba-humbugs.
The stunning collection of photographs, taken over the space of ten years, manage to capture the tender bond between both mother and child as they emerge from their den for the very first time.
But this photo opportunity isnt just available to anyone, photographer David Jenkins, 42, had to first apply for a special permit to enter the denning area in Wapusk National Park, Canada, an opportunity only given to the most accomplished of wildlife photographers.
6104Whether they are hitching a ride on mums back, playing in the snow, or coming in close for a cuddle, Irish photographer David, managed to show a softer side to the huge polar predators.
But if the experience wasn’t special enough, David even managed to capture such magical moments as seeing a mother with three surviving cubs, a sight rarely scene in the wild, as well as a mother and cub snuggling in front of a gorgeous winter sunset.
(Photos by David Jenkins/Caters News).
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The Bear Highway.

Bear trackers on Canada’s Pacific coast say they have found a “highway” used by grizzly bears to travel across hundreds of miles of forest.
Tracker William Housty and other members of the Qqs Society – in the Heiltsuk First Nation – have been studying the bears for more than three years.
They say the population of grizzly bears may be as much as six times bigger than they first thought, and their territory in the Great Bear Rainforest is far more extensive than they realised, CBC News reports.
Most intriguing, though, are the bears’ favourite routes.
One in particular – along the banks of the salmon-rich Koeye River – amounts to a “bear highway” for the 65 grizzlies identified in the valley, Housty says.
“The bears walk in the same steps every time. Their feet are imprinted in the trail.” He adds: “You can follow these trails and really walk the same highway the bears walk.”
via BBC News – Canada: Trackers find grizzly bear ‘forest highway’.