Rio’s Street Scene.


Ah, Rio! It’s an amazing city for many reasons, although one of them might not come to mind as easily as, say for example, the beaches.
I’m talking about Rio’s street art, which, once you’re there, you’ll find pretty much everywhere – yes, on the aforementioned beaches, too!
I dearly love street art, because I appreciate how people make an effort to create something just for the sake of it.
After all, they usually are not going to get paid for it; they are not going to get recognition for it (apart from within the community, maybe), and their piece of work only lasts as long as nobody else sprays or paints over it.
On top of that, it’s a risky profession, if the space chosen for the artwork is officially meant to be kept plain – which is probably true in most cases.
In Rio de Janeiro though, it’s pretty much possible to do your thing and keep it all legal: in 2009 the Brazilian government passed a law that decriminalises street art if it is executed in consent with the building’s owner.
This year another law was passed, taking the legalisation from the private to the public spaces.
There are now designated public areas that street artists can legally beautify, such as columns, certain walls and construction sites.
via The Street Art of Rio de Janeiro.