Object of myth and poetry, the common raven is an intelligent bird of prey. Photograph by Michael S. Quinton Common ravens are actually rather remarkable animals. These sleek, black birds are excellent and acrobatic fliers on par with falcons and hawks. Such aerial skills are on display during breeding season, when exciting mating rituals include […]

‘Bird Portraits’ by Gary Heery.

Feathered friends are the subject of Bird, the latest book from Gary Heery, one of Australia’s most celebrated portrait photographers. Heery says to capture the birds in motion he erected a translucent tent, creating an intimate and contained environment in which the birds could fly. “I treated it, not unlike any other portraiture situation, as […]

Black-throated finch wins Aussie bird of the year.

Photo: Eric Vanderduys/Stop Adani [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr. The black-throated finch has been voted “bird of the year.” In Australia for 2019, helping draw attention to the species’ decline as human activities increasingly threaten its habitat. The finch’s victory was reportedly driven by support from conservationists, who connected its plight to deforestation and bushfires in Australia, […]

Cobalt-winged Parakeets by Gertsman.

Liron Gertsman’s Cobalt-winged Parakeets in Yasuní national park, Ecuador. Youth Winner in the 2018 Audubon Photography Awards Image Credit: Photograph by lironsnaturephotography.com/Liron Gertsman Source: The week in wildlife – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian

White-tailed eagles return to UK after 240 years.

A white-tailed eagle, Britain’s largest bird of prey. Photograph: Mike Crutch/Forestry England/PA White-tailed eagles are gracing the skies of southern Britain for the first time in 240 years after six eaglets were released on the Isle of Wight. The huge birds, which are fitted with satellite tags, are expected to disperse along the south coast […]

Wild Macaws in Bolivia.

Image Credit: Photograph by David Friel/Wikipedia A recent expedition in Bolivia by the conservation group Asociación Armonía, revealed a wonderful surprise for the future of the rare blue-throated macaw: a newly discovered nesting area. As with many macaw species, the illegal pet trade has devastated wild populations. Only an estimated 200-300 individuals remain in the […]

The Rare Bearded Vulture returns.

A bearded vulture has been seen flying once again over Romania, for the first time in 83 years, according to a statement of the Romanian Ornithological Society. The bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus) is one of the four species of vultures that used to live in Romania. However, the vulture was last seen on Romanian territory […]

The Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker.

A juvenile yellow-bellied sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius) pecks at a ginkgo tree at BBG. Photo by Steven Severinghaus. by Joe Giunta. What do the wolf, the beaver, and the yellow-bellied sapsucker have in common? Each is a keystone species, that is, a species that by its actions may affect a whole community. In many cases, other […]

Red Winged Blackbird, Virginia.

Red-winged Blackbird. Photo by Kathrin Swoboda/Audubon Photography Awards Category: Amateur Species Location: Huntley Meadows Park, Alexandria, Virginia. Camera: Nikon D500 with Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR lens; 1/800 second at f/6.3; ISO 2500 Story Behind the Shot: I visit this park near my home to photograph blackbirds on cold mornings, often aiming to capture the […]

‘Hunter in the Mist’ Walnut Grove, California.

Image Credit:: Photograph By Garry Everett Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Hunter in the Mist” by Garry Everett. Location: Walnut Grove, California. “This large mob of snow geese was feeding in a field on a foggy morning,” says Everett. “Rising sun on the fog made for some interesting light, and an invisible coyote in […]