“The Confession.”

IMG_4521_zps7ef49d38by Bazza,
I have been the victim of a whispering campaign for the past 44 years.
The Fire
I want my old workmates to know that I didn’t start the Fire in the Electricity Area of the Old Government Printing Office way back in 1970.
BUT, I did alert everyone by running through the Machine Room, screaming like a little girly.
The Fire Brigade put out the fire and at the same time filled up the well outside the basement window with water.
Barry Cagney nearly opened the window, which would have seen him flushed away forever.
Longest Serving Shit Boy
I believe that when I was at the Guv I was the longest serving shit boy ever! Forget the Flash, and dirty David Barber.
For two and a half years I worked very hard at becoming a great shitboy which meant a lot of arse kissing, crawling and never saying “NO!”
I became so famous that people came from all over the world to study me.
Luckily, they never gave me a Spelling Test.
Several times I was asked to be a Guest Lecturer at Adelaide University lecturing on the subject of “What makes a Perfect Shitboy”.
So, it broke my heart that I was wrongly accused of being an arsonist.
The vicious whispering campaign started back then and has haunted me for 44 years.
I do hope you publish this article so people can know the Real Truth.

“Bert Parsons Retires”.

(Left to Right) Ian Nattrass, Howard Bateup, Harry Cumberland, Unknown, Syd Tschirn, John Cresswell, Bob Cooper, Eric Swann, David Conlon, Phil Murphy, (Top) Roger Smith, (Below and Right) David Walker, (Hiding) Brian Long, Paul Raby, Alan Partridge, Jack Veitch, Ron Ball, (Above) Keith Smith, (Above) Bob Dickson, Ian Russell, (Above) Alfie ?, (Below) Aad Stegink, (Below Aad and to the Left) face hidden, blond hair, can’t tell who? Maybe “Porky” Dell, (Below Aad) Keith Luce, Doug Lawrie, (Above) Reg Hartshorne, (Above) Lawrie Blackwell, (Above) John Chambers, Hans Roling, Jim Fisher, Barry O’Donnell, Bert Parsons, (Above) John Cronin, (Above) John Dawe, (Above) Barry Cagney, (Below) John Coine, (Below) Bob Downs, (Below) Cohn Mohr, Frank Johnson, (Above) Jan Keizer, (Above) Bill Moutthan, (Above and Left of Jan) Reg Francis, (Left) Peter McKenzie, (Below) Arch Ramage, (to left of Arch) George Palmer, (Above) Charlie Cain, (To Charlie’s Left) Eric Palfelt, (Below) Harry Martin, Geoff Clarke, Alec Neilson, (Missing) Lew Morrison.

Alec (Mac) McDougall, Printer.

scan0324-scaled500Photo: Bazza and Mac.
Alec McDougall was a Letterpress Printer and we all knew him as just “Mac”.
He had a stack of kids, at least eight on our last count.
It was said that after a visit to the home of Harry Dost that poor old Harry had to ring Mac up and tell him to come back because he had left one of the kids behind.
A true tradesman Mac worked on Miehle 2.
The work was mainly Government Gazette, large format jobbing work and the Electoral Rolls all done in hot metal and printed letterpress.
The cruel storm of technological change was just appearing on the horizon.
Mac did have a couple of bad habits though, he was addicted to Bex Powders (not unusual back then) and he loved to listen to the Race results and the Cricket Scores which was strictly forbidden in the Government Printing Office.
I can still hear him yelling “Wally Grout took a blinder!’ or “Benaud has just snagged another one.”
Mac was a popular and good mate to all…
Sadly, he passed away far too early with a heart attack.


Bob “ACE” Virgin.

Affectionately known by his workmates as “ACE” the late Bob Virgin retired on 20th July, 1983.
Bob started in the printing trade in 1935 at Specialty Printers and stayed there 18 years before it was time to look at other printing firms.
He certainly got around, there was Shipping News, Bowdens (twice), Allen Press, Graphic Services, Hills Printing (twice), R. M. Osborne, and Jeffress Printing.
He even had his own business Paramount Press which he ran for four years.
In April, 1970, he commenced at the Guv as a machinist in the newly formed offset section.
When the Netley move was made Bob became the Offset foreman and stayed in that position until appointed Apprentice Training Officer.
Life for Bob meant being on the move. He had served 4 and a half years in the Military during World War II.
He was involved in bike racing for 8 years and umpired over 300 games in Junior footy.
Photo and information Supplied by Kym Morrison.
Bob’s Mob at the Ace’s Retirement Dinner held at the Hackney Hotel.
Back Row Left to Right – Trevor Delmedico, Neville White, Steve Rehn, Shane and Steve Beardon.
Front Row Left to Right – Peter Swandale (Wally), Simon Joy, Jamie Black, Jeff Smith and Kym Morrison.
The Ace was Very Proud of his Apprentices and I’m sure his training and Influence was a key to the way these young men have continued on in their Lives.

“Confessions of Young Bazza”.

unset1Hi, It’s Young Bazza here,
When I was at Primary School I decided that I wanted to be a Hot Metal Compositor.
Those blokes seemed so dignified, intelligent and handsome and got the best looking women in Hindley Street on a Saturday night.
So I gave up up my dreams of becoming a professional chicken plucker and after I left School I started applying at Printing Places all over Adelaide.
Every place I went to, I begged to became a Hot Metal Comp Apprentice, but they just laughed in my face and told me to “Fuck Off”.
xo6m39mws8roi6metcyk“I had always wanted to be one of these wonderful compositor blokes.” Young Bazza.
Then one day I found myself outside of the old Government Printing Office in King William Road.
I didn’t have an appointment but hesitantly climbed the stairs worried that I would get yet another knock back.
But this time I said that I wanted to be “a letterpress printer” and then told the old bloke who interviewed me that I played for Glenelg Colts.
Luckily, it was A.B. (Jumbo) James and within a few days I started as a Shitboy in the Print Room.
Within 15 years I realised that the Hot Metal Comps were the “has beens” and forgotten dinosaurs of the trade and I never looked back.
I went to work for a colour blind printer called Alec and had made firm friends with another strange Scotsman who got out of paying the ten pound “tourist fee” when he came to Australia. Oh! That was Lew.
Life was Beautiful…
Young Bazza

“I’m out the Back.”

scan0330-scaled500Cyril Day operated Miehle 1. Each morning at 8 am Cyril would cut out his Innersoles for the day from strawboard.
Next job was to oil the press which was done by Cyril and an apprentice each doing NEAR side or OFF side of the press.
Miehle 1 was a smaller Model which could take Double Demy Formes. Blocks of Photos for the Police Gazette were printed on this Press because it had a wet spray system to avoid set off. This spray was a sugary liquid which dried instantly as it was sprayed onto each sheet.
It was a hand fed flatbed machine. A skilled Operator could feed the machine at about 2000 sheets per hour.
It was also a machine which exposed the operator to abuse by fellow employees who could sneak under the feed table and scare shit out of the printer.
Cyril’s wife expected him home straight after work for tea. Because of this Cyril would ALWAYS go missing around 3:45 p.m. everyday!
“I’M OUT THE BACK,” he would shout to his apprentice. Many times the Overseer would ask the Apprentice to sneak over to “The Strath” to ask Cyril to come back to set up the press for urgent Parliamentary work.
It was great working with Cyril he had started at the Government Printing Office when he was only 15 and it was unbelievable that he was once a “Shit Boy.”
He was a quietly spoken man who on his Retirement day at 65 was ONLY recognized for his Loyalty and Service by His Workmates. Typical.