The First Edition of Fahrenheit 451 was a Killer.

The Special Edition of Fahrenheit 451 was bound in fire-proof asbestos (the slow and silent killer). Ray Bradbury’s iconic dystopian novel focused on a future American society where books are outlawed and firemen hunt down and burn books rather than put out house fires. Shortly after the book was published in 1953, a run of […]

The Champion Asbestos Gas Fire, 1884.

Example of the World’s love affair with Asbestos, even in the 1880’s they knew of its harmful nature. NAMPA — Chemistry professor Jerry Harris has a book in his office at Northwest Nazarene University called, “Asbestos: Silk of the Mineral Kingdom,” published in 1946. He pulls it out when he needs a prime example of […]

Kent Cigarettes once had Asbestos Filters.

It’s hard to think of anything more reckless than adding a deadly carcinogen to a product that already causes cancer—and then bragging about the health benefits. Yet that’s precisely what Lorillard Tobacco did 60 years ago when it introduced Kent cigarettes, whose patented “Micronite” filter contained a particularly virulent form of asbestos. Smokers puffed their […]

Johnson & Johnson Knew about Asbestos in Its Baby Powder for Decades.

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) An explosive new report by Reuters may upturn the narrative surrounding the potential cancer risks of talcum powder. According to the report, Johnson & Johnson—the makers of the most popular consumer talc product, Baby Powder—knew for decades that its products at times contained carcinogenic asbestos, but did everything possible to […]