The Stanhope Press lands in South Australia, 1836.

The first printing press which was landed with the Free Settlers of South Australia in late 1836 was a Stanhope (hand driven) Press, which was located in a crude tent occupied by the Thomas family on the North Bend of the “Paddywallunga” River at Glenelg. The Stanhope Press was owned by Mr Robert Thomas and […]

Living in Elizabeth, circa 1960s.

Aah, memories – going to the drive-in movies secreted in the boot of a car, or crawling under the mesh fence in the dark to meet up with a mate who had driven in. Well, that’s what we did on many occasions to save paying to get in to see a movie on Saturday night! […]

“I can see The Old Guv.”

Photo taken by famous photographer Frank Hurley in 1935. The construction on the new Parliament House hasn’t started yet, so you have a clear view of the Government Printing Office (on the left and next to the park). Photo from Keith Conlon’s 5AA …

Old Guv Machine Room, circa 1910.

Image Capture: Excellent quality photograph of what is believed to be the Machine Room at the Government Printing Office when it was situated in King William Road, Adelaide. Photo taken possibly 1910 or thereabouts. This Photograph was kindly Supplied by Mr Alex Riley, a wealthy resident of one of Adelaide’s more upper class neighbourhoods situated […]

“The Stanhope” First Printing Press in the Colony.

The first Printing Press in the Colony was landed at Holdfast Bay on 8th November, 1836, from the barque “Africaine”. The Press was offloaded on to the Beach just South of the Patawalonga mouth. The Stanhope was a Demy Press invented by Earl Stanhope at the beginning of the 19th Century and superseded the wooden […]