Luncheon: Friday, 24 February, 2017.


Our Old Guv Legends Luncheon

to be held on Friday, 24 February, 2017, at 12 noon.

Venue: West Adelaide Football Club, 57 Milner Road, Richmond

promises to be a great day!

Salad Bar Available.


Our Special Guest will be Mr. John “Dingo” Manfield and Don Woolman will make our presentation to John.
For those who don’t know John you are in for a treat. He did his Comp apprenticeship at the Old Guv in the early 1950s and was mates with Don “Flash” Woolman and the late Ron “Arti” Hamence.
John did all this whilst living inside the Adelaide Zoo with his family and  zoo friends.

Those coming so far: Rod Parham, Judy Marks, Pam Palmer, Janet McGuiness, Alex Riley, John and Toni Manfield, Don Woolman, Marianne Hunn, Ray Belt, Bob Downs, Jack and Helen Flack, Dennis Grover, Kevin Rex Stack-Neale and Judy, Vic Potticary, Barry O’Donnell, Lew Morrison. Esther Harris, Brian Hartshorne, Conrad and Norma Rogers, Peter Wright, Jyll Watson, Garth Mugford, Mike Burnett, The Korffs (Charlie, Ruth, Thelma, Andrew and Eireann), Eunice Wright, Ellen Krueger, Geoff Michell, David and Wendy Walker, Jenny Easther, Judy and Dennis Duthie,

Apologies from Rob and Wendy Powell, Laurie Cahalan, Coralie Hills, Marilyn and David Harding, Grant Hofmeyer,

Our thoughts go out to Bruce Lockier and family.
Bruce is undergoing intensive rehabilitation at the moment and is still not 100% and we look forward to seeing him in the near future.

Ron, Grant and Rob.

Pictured at the Old Guv Legends Reunion in 2010 held at the Buckingham Arms Hotel we have from left, Ron Garland, the late Grant Bonser and Rob Davies.
Ron and Grant worked in Despatch and the stores area whilst Rob Davies worked in Finance.
Photo by Mark Noble.

Ann Hall.

Ann Hall, lives in Canberra and has been there for over 20 years, working in Publishing.
Ann was an Outstanding Apprentice in the Old Guv Photomechanical Section and then went on to work in Sales for Griffin Press Publishing.
Photo by Mark Noble

Sande Bruce.

The happy and bouncy Sande Bruce (photomechanical) was a very popular guest at the Old Guv Reunion 2010 at the Buckingham Arms Hotel.
Photo by Mark Noble.

Dave Walker.

David Walker (Print Room) spread himself around quite a bit at the 2012 Old Guv Reunion.
He enjoyed himself and we enjoyed his company.
Photo by Mark Noble

Barry Kym, John, Allan and Dean.

The Likely Lads
from Left to Right: Barry Bryant, Kym Curgenven, John Chapman (back to camera), Allan Dell (two L’s) and Dean Vickery-Howe.
Photo by Mark Noble