The Toff Report: OGL Luncheon, 17 November: Who was There?

Pictured: Candace Parham with Rod her now 70 year old Dad.

What a Wonderful Day We All had…

List of Attendees:

John Bryant, Alex Riley, Rod Parham, Jenny and Gary Easther, Bob Downs, Kevin Stone, Esther and Michael Harris, Candace, Danny and Seamus Parham, Rob and Wendy Powell, Ray Belt, Ian Grunert, Graham Mutrie, Dennis and Jeanna Grover, Dave and Charlie Korff, Brian Hartshorne, Barry O’Donnell, David and Marilyn Harding, Conrad and Norma Rogers, David and Wendy Walker, Jack and Helen Flack, Eunice Wright, John and Toni Manfield, Darryl and Claire Stone, Marianne Hunn, Geoff Michell, Vic Potticary, Lew Morrison, Dennis and Judy Duthie, Russell and Rita Wight, Wayne and Angela Brown, Peter Meghery, Kevin and Judy Stack-Neale, Anne and Keith Heilmann, Judy Marks, Allan Davis and family, Tony Williams, Trevor Scroop, Peter Plowman, Sue Thomas, Ellen Krueger.

From Left to Right: Keith Heilman, Judy Marks and Ann Heilman.

 From Left to Right: Keith Heilman, Rod Parham, Ann Heilman, Judy Marks, Gary and Jenny Easther.

by Alex (The Toff) Riley