‘Silhouettes’ on the streets of Padua.

The streets of Padua Italy are filled with playful silhouettes by local street artist Kenny Random. Kenny, whose real name is Andrea Coppo has been practicing the art form since the eighties, and over the years his style has ranged from anthropomorphic figures, stenciled silhouettes and a myriad of cartoon characters which interact with each other.
Most of his work is displayed in the historical parts of Padua and has been well preserved, even when buildings were being reconstructed.
In 2007 and 2012, his paintings were exhibited and warmly received at the Cultural Centre Altinate in San Gaetano.
He continues to “gift” his art of murals to the people of Padua and the travelers that come through the city.
Check out more of his work at his site and facebook.
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Markham’s Masterpiece, 1644.


A foldout found in the 1644 edition of Markham’s Maister-peece [Masterpiece], Containing all Knowledge Belonging to Smith, Farrier, or Horse=Leech, Touching on Curing All Diseases in Horses.
Michael J. North, Head of Rare Books and Early Manuscripts in NLM’s History of Medicine Division, takes a look at one of the most important books in the history of veterinary medicine – a seminal 17th-century work dedicated to the care of horses.
One of the most important and enduring books in the English language about the care of horses is by Gervase Markham (1586?-1637), an author of poetry and practical guides, including books on horsemanship and home economics.
His most famous work, however, was Markham’s Maister-peece [Masterpiece], Containing all Knowledge Belonging to Smith, Farrier, or Horse=Leech, Touching on Curing All Diseases in Horses, which was first printed in London in 1610 and came out in dozens of editions under a number of titles for over 200 years.
This edition of Markham’s Maister-peece printed in London in 1644 and held in NLM’s collection is divided into two parts focusing on “physical cures” and “surgical cures,” the former handling mainly internal physiology and pathology with herbal or dietary remedies, and the latter covering external illnesses which required hands-on treatments like bloodletting, purging, and bandaging.
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The Chaos Of Being A Parent.

best-case-scenario-realistic-family-chaotic-photography-danielle-guenther-3__880by Adomas
Traditional family photos are shiny, peaceful and nice to look at, but they rarely depict reality.
After another photoshoot of a family with little kids turned into total chaos, photographer Danielle Guenther decided she should try to depict what parents are really going through
After posting a few of these images on her website and Facebook, she quickly started getting requests from parents, asking to photoshoot their own chaos. “Parenthood is messy, but wow, the unflattering side can still be so beautiful,” – says Danielle, who is also a mom of a 5-year-old herself.
She urges to “capture the moment, because in the end, all we have are the memories…“
More info: danielleguentherphotography.com | Facebook
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Macabre Scary Zodiac Creatures.

zodiac-fantasy-creatures-damon-hellandbrand-ariesUS-based artist Damon Hellandbrand has created a series of awesome fantasy-themed digital illustrations reimagining the 12 signs of the Zodiac as terrifying imaginary creatures.
Artist – Damon Hellandbrand dhellandbrand.com | Portfolio
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Indigenous Art from Victoria.

r1323751_18354497Originally created for her young son, Ballarat teacher and artist Deanne Gilson’s painting Wadawurrung Cultural Tree of Knowledge is a lesson in local Indigenous history.
It brings together significant symbols and totems of the Wadawurrung people, such as the creator spirit Bunjil the Eagle and Waa the Crow, as well as traditional artefacts.
But it also references the Wadawurrung Traditional Owner’s Catholic heritage through her Aboriginal grandmother, with a cross visible near the top of the tree.
“There are lots of double meanings behind a lot of the symbols,” Ms Gilson explains.
She sourced local ochre and charcoal from her fire to add authenticity to the work.
The large painting won the Australian Catholic University’s Acquisitive Award for Work Based on Spirituality and Cultural Tradition, as part of this year’s Victorian Indigenous Art Awards.
Ms Gilson, who works primarily with clay and paint, says the recognition from the university is an “honour”, and appropriate, as all her work starts from “a spiritual place”.
Bellbrae artist and Wadawurrung woman Jenny Crompton won the renowned and widely recognised Deadly Art Award for her work Gathering at Godocut, which was crafted from seaweed and binder (ABC Local).
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Rising from the Ashes.

Bojan-Jevtic-09There is definitely an air of Daenerys Targaryen in the artwork by Bojan Jevtić.
And in the same way she rose from the ashes with three baby dragons in her arms, the woman in Jevtić’s piece looks like someone reborn in red fire.
There is a fantastical element to his digital art, one which combines computer effects with portraiture.
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