The Mermaid – Howard Pyle, 1853-1911.

The Mermaid by Howard Pyle is probably one of the famous illustrator’s most mysterious works, as the painting remained unfinished when he left the United States in November 1910 to travel in Europe.
Pyle never returned to the U.S. He passed away just a year later on November 9, 1911 in Florence, Italy.
Howard Pyle was born in Wilmington, Delaware on 5 March 1853.
He became a noted American illustrator and writer, primarily of books for young audiences, his work being characterized by an imaginative and colourful realism and a passion for historical detail.
He illustrated numerous historical and adventure stories for such periodicals as Harper’s Weekly and St. Nicholas.
His own books for children, included ‘The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood’ (1883), ‘Otto of the Silver Hand’ (1888) and ‘Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates’.
These, and other books, often with medieval European settings, including a four-volume set on King Arthur, assured his reputation.
In 1894 he began teaching illustration at the Drexel Institute of Art, Science and Industry and after 1900 founded a school, where his students included Olive Rush and N. C. Wyeth.
Pyle devoted most of his later years to teaching such outstanding illustrators of the next generation of the American Brandywine School, as Maxfield Parrish, Frank E. Schoonover, Jessie Wilcox Smith and N. C. Wyeth.
Howard Pyle spent the last year of his life in Florence, Italy.
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Vintage Superheroes meet Norman Rockwell.


The illustrations of Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos, who pays tribute to the Saturday Evening Post and the world of Norman Rockwell with a series of beautiful vintage creations, transporting Cat Woman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy or the Joker into the retro universe of the Saturday Evening Post.
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Mechanical Creatures – Robert Bowen.


Strange works juxtaposing animals and insects with machinery that leaves the viewer both curious and confused, which is what he intended.
Throughout his body of work, Bowen takes familiar iconography and handily corkscrews it with his own unique brand of humor and distinct painting style.
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The Fantasy Art of Malinauskas, Lithuania.

1423622838-0Lithuanian artist Modestas Malinauskas paints lush, multi-layered oil paintings.
Many of them depict fantasy landscapes and fabulous boats and airships, the kind that could inspire dozens of stories.
Take a look at a selection of Malinauskas’ paintings from the Paveikslai Internet Art Gallery.
Malinauskas never repeats his paintings -each is one-of-a-kind, and each takes several weeks to create.
1423622838-1 Modestas Malinauskas lives in Kaunas, Lithuania, with his wife, renowned doll artist Lina Drižiūte and their three children.
Source: The Fantasy Art of Modestas Malinauskas – Neatorama

“Robots” show Up in Iconic Images by Geoffrey Gersten.

GEOFFREY-GERSTEN03Surrealistic works, with robots the recurring theme, influenced by a wide range of classic and modern paintings.
Painting is who I am. There was always something in me that was going to grow into an artist.
As a youth, two images profoundly impacted me; I will never forget the fear and distraction I felt when I first took in the eternal repose of the characters in Grant Wood’s great American Gothic.
Then, I saw The Persistence of Memory, or Soft Watches, by Dali. I have a romance with the old memory.
GEOFFREY-GERSTEN07I cannot remember many details of the painting, but I saw it differently then.
When I view the painting now, my mind goes hastily to work, examining perspective, composition, atmosphere.
I cannot help but conduct automatic analysis. This is how I learned to create.
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Cinismo Ilustrado by Eduardo Salles.

Eduardo-Salles-illustration-41“Cinismo Ilustrado – El Espiritu de los cinicos“, some awesome creations of illustrator Eduardo Salles, who offers us beautiful slices of bitter cynicism through his minimalist posters…
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