Airships and Tentacles.


How can we not feature something that boasts airships, Arctic wastes, tentacles and sensuality – all at once? Impossible, I say! So here is the “Airships and Tentacles” Series by Myke Amend, combining Vernian and Lovecraftian atmosphere and concepts into strange-fiction fantasy horror mashups:
—- What are your influences, besides the obvious Lovecraft references and airship-induced themes?
“I would count my artistic influences over my lifetime as: Gustav Dore, Pieter Brueghel (the Elder mostly, but I admire the entire family’s work) Zdzislaw Beksinski, Bethalynne Bajema, Michael Whelan, Derek Riggs, Dave McKean, and Gerald Brom – though recently I have found myself very drawn by the works of newer artists such as Brian Despain, Travis Louie, Chet Zar, and Chris Mars.
I don’t see any of which really showing in my works, regretfully, but they are there – each encouraging me to try something new and experimental in the styling, media, or feel of each work I do.
I am also influenced by the written works of Edgar Allen Poe, Algernon Blackwood, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, Robert W. Chambers, Gordon R. Dickson, Tolkien, Jules Verne, Terry Brooks, H.P. Lovecraft, Mary Shelley, Neil Gaiman, and Warren Ellis.
In my teen years, it was music – gloomy gothy music, deathrock, horror punk ordered by mail or shared through duplicated cassettes – and the largest assortment of obscure and semi-unknown metal and progressive metal bands – many of which I picked out of the music store almost entirely according to their album art, hence Derek Riggs (Illustrator for Iron Maiden) listed in my artistic influences.
Most influential, especially in my youth, outside of Dungeons and Dragons and Dark Sun campaigns, were the entire series of Final Fantasy games, the Dragon Warrior games, as well as Chrono-Cross and Chrono Trigger – leading into my earlier adult years with games such as the Heroes of Might and Magic series, Xenosaga, Dark Cloud, and Dark Cloud II.
Audio-visual eye-candy tends to grab me more than anything else these days. This perhaps because I regrettably find myself with less time for reading or for visiting my favorite museums.
Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Golden Compass, Stardust, Mirrormask, Pan’s Labyrinth, City of Lost Children, Chronos, Howl’s Moving Castle, Casshern, Brazil, the Adventures of Baron Munchausen account for much of what I have been doing over this last year or so.”
“The Machine” was done for for Josh Pfeiffer/the Steampunk Industrial Band “Vernian Process”.
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Sinister Art by Caravaggio.

detail-of-David-with-the--006Severance package … detail of David with the Head of Goliath by Caravaggio.
Photograph: Archivo Iconografico/ Archivo Iconografico, S.A./CORBIS
You can’t make a top 10 of criminal artists without putting Michelangelo Merisi, called Caravaggio after his hometown, up top.
There is a cutting quality to Caravaggio’s art, a tough cinematic realism that puts you right in the mean streets of early 17th-century Rome.
And on those mean streets, he was a dangerous man.
Aggressive, ill-tempered and given to carrying a sword, Caravaggio was constantly in trouble for everything from hitting waiters to slandering rivals.
Eventually, inevitably, he killed a man in a fight on a piazza and had to flee Rome.
On the run he painted works that seem full of guilt, including his dark self-portrait as the severed head of Goliath in which his eyes despair of his sins.
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“Sad Girls.”

1386782891_1Italian graphic designer Dilka Bear created a surreal world inhabited by charming sad little girls.
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This is ‘Kiddie Arts’, a series of digital paintings by Dutch artist Telmo Pieper inspired by the drawings he made when he was four.
Clearly, his technique has improved significantly since then. Have I ever told you in kindergarten I got an ‘Unsatisfactory’ in coloring because I couldn’t stay inside the lines?
Can you believe they even graded coloring?
The teacher met with my parents and they we’re all, “Yeah? Well maybe our son likes to think outside the box!” even though I knew they were super disappointed.
Plus when we were learning the alphabet I wrote all the letters backwards. But look at me now! “Even worse.” By like ten-fold.
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disturbing-artistic-creations-10Desperate, tender, doomed—Beksinski’s couple are heartbreaking.
In one of the most directly affecting pieces on this list, Zdizslaw Beksinski presents the charred and skeletal forms of a couple clinging to one another in the aftermath of some disaster.
The red and orange palette suggests some form of fiery destruction, whether nuclear or solar, and the vague backdrop suggests a sandstorm whipping at their remains.
The desperation in these individuals is prevalent even in death, and the brilliant combination of raw human emotion and death at its most grotesque, makes for one disturbing image.
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Art by Nathan Spoor.

nathan-spoor03Fantastical and dreamlike paintings filled with detail and color that suggests some sort of narrative.
The “suggestivism” style was something he started in graduate school and he describes it as “an intuitive process of allowing ideas to pool and then connecting with the more innovative or strong moments and nurturing them into reality.”
In the larger sense, the work as a series is opening up a narrative about a world being created and explored by a young boy and girl.
I see the girl creating the world around her as she sleeps, dreams, thinks and grows.
The boy is more or less discovering the land and engaging its mystery. I am starting to see it as more than a simple boy meets girl story, which is how I’d begun to see it the first few years.
Well, either I’m going to over-explain what I can’t really explain, or we just admit that my mind travels to some other amazing place at night and these are images that I attempt to faithfully capture from those times.
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