The Misadventures of some Comp Room Wankers.

During the construction of the Festival Theatre some Bright Spark working on Hansard said he knew of a way in to inspect the inside of the construction site.
So a group of us stupidly followed this bloke into the inner heart of the construction during our tea break.
As we passed by some workers, we waved to them and walked on.
Our mystery leader said we were from next door at the Old Guv and were having a sneak peek.
It was then that we were approached by an official looking bloke who was the site’s health and safety officer.
He was not impressed with us as we had no authority and no hard hats on.
Fortunately, for me (because I was scared) he took no action against us and promptly frogmarched us out of the building.
The Toff


Adelaide Festival Theatre under Construction.

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