Legends Friday Luncheon.


to be held at Westies Function Centre

57 Milner Road Richmond

on Friday 27 November 2020 in the Bistro from 11.30 am

At present the Bistro can seat 40 guests only, but this figure could change

according to Covid-19 regulations.

There may be a Masked Mystery Singing Guest

If you wish to attend please advise

Rod Parham 0424 294 450, Alex Riley 0419 035 970, Jenny Easther 0408 898 702.

Starters so far are Alex Riley, Ray Belt (GW), Ian and Margaret Pedler, Rod Parham (GW), David and Marilyn Harding, Rob and Wendy Powell, Wayne and Angela Brown, Jenny and Gary Easther, Jude Marks, Marianne Hunn, Barry O’Donnell, Jack and Helen Flack, Bob Downs, Helen Dobie and David Matthews, Ann and Keith Heilman, Charmaine and Gary Ely, Garth Mugford, Brian Hartshorne, Peter Meghery, Mike Burnett, Dennis Grover, Trevor and Barb Roberts, Conrad and Norma Rogers, Tim Fitzgerald, Peter and Colleen Farrow, Helen Dew,
Apologies: David and Thelma Korff, Bruce Watson, Vic Potticary,
Possibles: Keith Oxley, Ellen Krueger, Don Woolman


PS: To finance the cost of his fuel to Richmond,
Alex The Toff has got a truck load of ‘one off’ disposable masks.
Available for sale at the door (price unknown).          Rod

About Derwombat

My name is Rod Parham, Hot Metal Compositor. I was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1947. Single with two children and a grandson. I Love History, Movies and Words.

2 Responses

  1. Marianne Hunn

    Hi Rod
    Nice to hear from you & that you kept well during isolation. Can you put my name & Judy Marks on the list for luncheon in November please. Look forward to catching up with you & everybody then. Cheers


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