The Iconic ‘Candy Cigarette’ 1989.

Sally Mann’s Candy Cigarette is one of the most iconic photographs of the 20th century.
Featuring a young pre-teen girl gazing directly into the camera, cigarette in hand, the image is striking and resonates with the viewer in its drastic colour contrasts.
Through her clever use of background images and subtle body language, Mann is perhaps telling the story of a defiant young woman straying from the straight and narrow path.
Source: “Candy Cigarette” (1989) by Sally Mann ~ vintage everyday

5 thoughts on “The Iconic ‘Candy Cigarette’ 1989.

  1. The Laughable Cheese

    When I was a teen I spent 30 of my precious dollars on a photo book of the most iconic photos. This one among them. But in general I have seen so many pictures from older times of amazing portraits. People defiantly looking in the camera, not putting on a smile cause someone is taking their photo. But wholly being whatever or whoever they are.
    Though that is in part the distillery of time, keeping the best versions of everything.

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