Mushrooms adorn Brunswick Pub.

6512279-largeShivvy Archer, Trix and Ray Harland at the Brunswick
PSYCHEDELIC mushrooms may soon be joined by shotgun-wielding badgers on the façade of a Gloucester pub.
Artist Trix has already spent 14 hours emptying 36 tins of spray-paint on the white walls of the Brunswick which is changing its image.
While it will still cater for the city metal scene, the Park Road venue will also host a “full spectrum” of musicians – from drum and bass DJs to reggae bands.
Shivvy Archer, back of house manager, said: “The first reason we are doing this is because we are trying to get away from the idea this is just a heavy metal pub.
“And the other is because we are trying to spearhead graffiti art for Gloucester because there is no other pub in the city that has done this before.”
Bar supervisor Ray Harland said: “Essentially, our tagline here is ‘bistro bar for the creative minded’. We have a heavy metal crowd which is loyal but they can’t drink every weekend – variety is the way forward.”
The pub’s beer garden consists of a series of picnic benches adjacent to the pub’s side wall which has now come alive with a series of brightly-coloured mushrooms, a forest and a mystical-looking waterfall.
But the graphics will not stop there. Other “bits of bobs that mean something to Gloucester” will soon emblazon the pub walls, as may a satirical image of the controversial badger cull.
Trix has been working tirelessly at the pub and said: “I am pretty sure I have had heat stroke three days in a row now, mixed with the effects of the fumes.”
The project is part of the Gloucester Paint Jam festival.
via Shotgun-wielding badgers may soon appear on the walls of the Brunswick pub in Gloucester | Gloucester Citizen.

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