Dreams by Worrall.

poets_corner600_496Poets corner
Born 1942 in Matlock Derbyshire, UK, Mike Worrall is a self taught artist. As a child Mike was always intrigued by paintings involving some sought of mystery element.
He was interested in Dreams and Subconscious thoughts and the weirdness of how we go from one thought to another in an almost drifting process. Mike’s paintings are more surreal, deliberate and constructed with the element of change.
the_forgotten_expectation600_352The Forgotten Expectation
He also did a lot of disturbing horrific subject matter and themes, dealing with Shock and Horror, such as Bruegal’s Triumph of Death and skeletons!
the_sweet_assassin_large600_350The Sweet Assassin
See more Images via Paintings by Mike Worrall | Cuded.

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