The Curse of the Chinaman.

At the Old Guv when a certain Overseer had no time for a new tradesman or their work ability, he would go to their Leading hand and try and talk them into agreeing with his opinion of that person.
fumanchuThey should be got rid of or be moved on to another area away from him. This Overseer tried this stunt with me about Ken the Platemaker.
Ken worked on the platemaking machine by the eastern wall doorway.
Whilst poor old Ken wasn’t the fastest platemaker in the Universe, he sure wasn’t the slowest or worst tradesman at the Guv.
Every Thursday, while Ken made the Government Gazette Plates for the Machine Room the Overseer would stand next to me.
“How long does he need to make a couple of plates”, he would growl. “We should piss him off, right Warry?”
My standard answer was “don’t involve me.” “If you want him out, you do it!” “Don’t involve me in your cursed treachery”.
After a few weeks the Overseer stopped saying it to me. But, Ken, the Platemaker was moved on.
The late Warren Pietsch


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