George Sparnon.

001_5-1jpgscaled696The late George Sparnon didn’t laugh a lot but one day I found out what a dry sense of humour he had.
It was a Friday Morning at the Old Guv. I was working on the Railways Weekly Notice.
George was Foreman or Overseer at the time and stopped at my frame enquiring how I was. Fastened to the wall just above my frame was an open metal pipe.
Suddenly, while George was talking to me, water and thousands of pieces of monotype began to spew out of the pipe all over my work frame and all over me.
I looked up to the Jobbing Room window and there they were Mulcahy, Chook and Ramsay laughing their heads off!
I turned and looked at George who was still standing there and he said,
“The weather bureau forecast rain but didn’t say anything about hailstones.”
And he walked off…

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