Ficore’s Art House.

Brazilian street artist Ficore, well known and respected for working in the graffiti medium for the past 20 years since 1997, brings us this cool geometric mural on a housing complex in Vitória, Brazil. via Ficore on the Streets of Brazil | Wooster Collective.

Running into a Dust Storm.

Jim Powell@jimpowell2002 Mullengudgery, Australia A child runs towards a dust storm in New South Wales. Damaging winds produced by thunderstorms have whipped up dust storms that turned daytime into night in some towns Photograph: Marcia Macmillan/HO/AFP/Getty Images Source: 20 photographs of the week | Art and design | The Guardian

‘Splashed Watercolors.’

Watercolor paints have a fantastic way of capturing vital energy and ghostly shades of color that no other medium can, and Tilen Ti, an artist in Singapore, has become an expert at using watercolor paints to their fullest potential. The animals in his vibrantly colorful works seem to come to life on the page. Ti […]

‘Bird Portraits’ by Gary Heery.

Feathered friends are the subject of Bird, the latest book from Gary Heery, one of Australia’s most celebrated portrait photographers. Heery says to capture the birds in motion he erected a translucent tent, creating an intimate and contained environment in which the birds could fly. “I treated it, not unlike any other portraiture situation, as […]

Laurent Chehere’s Flying Houses.

Rue Disparue / Missing Street The town that took off: Laurent Chehere’s flying houses. Homes, hotels, caravans, circus tops – even the peeping toms have taken flight in Laurent Chehere’s gorgeous photographs of structures suspended mid-sky. It’s time to go up, up and away. See more Images via The town that took off: Laurent Chehere’s […]

The Ziegfeld Girls circa 1910-1940.

Alfred Cheney Johnston (known as “Cheney” to his friends and associates) (April 8, 1885 – April 17, 1971) was a New York City-based photographer known for his portraits of Ziegfeld Follies showgirls as well as of 1920s-30s actors and actresses. Featuring the photographs of lovely, anonymous Ziegfeld Girls by Alfred Cheney Johnston, taken from the […]

Spotted Leopard in Black & White.

Photograph by Logan Watts, National Geographic Your Shot A leopard gingerly crosses the branch of an acacia tree in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. “We were almost back to camp when someone in our party spotted this solitary leopard from well over a hundred meters,” writes Your Shot member Logan Watts. “As we slowly approached, it […]

Mick Jagger, the world’s least likely wallflower.

Dafydd Jones’s photograph, taken at Vanity Fair’s 1997 Oscars party shows Mick Jagger, Madonna and Tony Curtis, Morton’s, Los Angeles, Dafydd Jones got his break as a photographer by capturing the excesses of the “bright young things” at Oxford in the 1980s – a decadent cast that included Hugh Grant and Nigella Lawson and prime […]

The Mystery of the ‘Odyssey’.

A kind of literary whodunit was solved recently when mysterious handwritten notations from a rare, 1504 edition of Homer’s Odyssey were identified. The epic poem was part of a collection donated to the University of Chicago Library in 2007 by a collector, and ever since the unknown notations have told the library little besides their […]

Language from the Old Guv.

“wacka” A juicy rumour so important that an instant crowd of workers would gather on hearing the wacka alert whistle. No good ever came out of spreading a “wacka.” “Like blowflies around a lump of shit” The Dago’s masterly description of a “wacka” crowd gathering and hovering around like eager to hear the latest gossip. […]