Otherworldly photo – of an Arctic city.

People in Norilsk, Russia go ice swimming even on days when the air feels like -40C – warming up in spots heated with steam from the power plant.
Norilsk is located above the Arctic Circle, east of the Yenisei River and south of the western Taymyr Peninsula. It has a permanent population of 175,000. With temporary inhabitants included, its population reaches 220,000. It is the world’s northernmost city and the second-largest city (after Murmansk) inside the Arctic Circle. Norilsk and Yakutsk are the only large cities in the continuous permafrost zone.
Norilsk was largely built by the forced labor of the Soviet-era Gulag system. The nickel deposits of Norilsk-Talnakh are the largest-known nickel-copperpalladium deposits in the world. The smelting of the nickel ore is directly responsible for severe pollution, which generally comes in the form of acid rain and smog.
Image Credit: Photograph by Elena Chernyshova
Source: BBC – Culture – Norilsk: Otherworldly photos of an Arctic city

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