Don Woolman Update.

Don and Thalia Woolman.
Hi Rod,
Dad has made a turn for the better. We have been able to take him outside which has been lovely to get him some fresh air and sunshine.
He will be up to seeing more visitors now and should be able to start getting out of bed over the next week or so.
He is at Flinders Medical Centre (public), Ward 5C Room 4 where visiting hours are 8 am – 8 pm.
The main switchboard number at the FMC is 8204 5511 and they can put calls through to the ward/room Dad is in.
Mum is doing okay. She has been staying with me and my sister while she adapts to the unfortunate change of circumstances.
Sandy Woolman

4 thoughts on “Don Woolman Update.

  1. Thanks for the update. Don’s situation is a reminder that our lives can change suddenly and that’s why it’s so important to enjoy and make the most of each day.
    Once again Rod, please pass on my very best wishes to Don, his wife and family.
    Cheers. Kevin.


  2. Hi Rod, somewhat shocked to hear that Don has been unwell. He was a breath of fresh air when he spent a couple of years at the Printing School. I have no idea of his progress but hope he is OK.
    Trevor Russ


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