Halloween in Australia 2019.

Do Australians celebrate Halloween?
Yes and no.
Halloween is a subject that Australians are divided over. Some Australians believe it is another great excuse to celebrate and have fun – not like we need an excuse or anything.
Others may feel that it isn’t an Australian celebration.
As a result, when Halloween comes around, you’ll see some brilliantly decorated homes as well as many that are not.
You may see a few trick-or-treaters out and about, but many people will choose to stay home.
Many neighbourhoods with small children will often participate in Halloween celebrations.
But other areas with older demographics may ignore this day all together.
Why don’t some Australians want to celebrate Halloween?
Some Australians seem to be very against celebrating this day in Australia. This is because some view Halloween as a British or American tradition, and thus celebrating this day is accepting overseas culture over our own.
Rejecting Halloween could be seen as protecting our own unique Australian culture.
Some have suggested that Australia’s rejection of Halloween stems back to the Victorian era and the forsaking of indulgence.
But when you talk to many Aussies, most just plainly say that it’s just another rort manufactured by some smart arse and greedy retailers and it’s not for us.
Source: Halloween in Australia 2019 | finder.com.au

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