Winter Horseman, Mongolia.

grandprize‘Winter Horseman’ by Anthony Lau/National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year
A magnificent photo of a charging Inner Mongolia horseman has won a Chinese amateur photographer the prestigious title of National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2016.
Anthony Lau from Hong Kong was announced as the winner after his awesome “Winter Horseman” was chosen from thousands of submissions.
Lau shot the magical photo after stumbling upon a team of horsemen while enjoying an early morning drive through freezing snowy conditions.
“The snow was getting heavier, the wind was getting stronger, the morning snow was getting thinner and the light was moving away from its optimal position,” he said.
“I knew I only had a couple of shots to get the best out of this encounter.
With a bit of luck, one of my final attempts managed to capture the moment when one of the riders charged out from the morning mist along with his horses.”
Source: Charging Inner Mongolia horseman sweeps top prize in National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2016 | Photography | Culture | The Independent

2 thoughts on “Winter Horseman, Mongolia.

  1. This is a breathtaking photo! I visited Mongolia a couple of years ago, but didn’t encounter anything like this, just endless grassland, steppe and sand dunes. I do have a photo of a nomadic person milking a mare though, which I guess not too many people have a claim to!

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