2020 – One Last BIG Bash.

You are invited to our Big Bash 2020 Luncheon to be held on Wednesday, 1st April at the Buckingham Arms Hotel, Walkerville – 12 noon.

Target: 120 places – So far: 37

Jude Marks and Jenny Easther have been busy doing all the things that need to be done to make it a Great day.
They have made a Booking for 120 places for the day. So get in quick to reserve a spot.
Those who have said they are coming so far: Dennis and Jeanna Grover, Kevin and Judy Stack-Neale, Jack and Helen Flack, Rob and Wendy Powell, Dave and Marilyn Harding, Tony Harris, Rod Parham, Alex Riley, Gary and Jenny Easther, Jude Marks, Kevin Stone, Barbara and Trevor Roberts, Meg and Trevor Smart, Ian and Margaret Pedler, Claire and Darryl Stone, Ian and Yvonne Russell, Bob Downs, Helen Dobie and David Matthews, Helen Dew, Barry and Denise O’Donnell, Mike and Gail Pearson, Ray Belt G.W., Mike Fuss,
Contact Jude on 0412 822 776, Jenny on 0408 898 702, Rod on 0424 294 450, Alex on 0419 035 970.

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