Geoff Morey.

guvcricketix-scaled500In the front on the Left we have Geoff Morey with beard (who was a loud mouthed Victorian or was it New South Welshman and great bloke).
I think Geoff was a sort of honorary member of the South Australian Cricket Club.
Sadly, Geoff died quite young. The Morey Family kindly donated a Pewter Mug in Geoff’s memory to be given to a South Australian who made an outstanding non sporting contribution to the successs of each Annual Trip.
Moving along we have a lady unknown and then the late Bob Allen. Middle Row: Reg Handke and Ian Grunert (looking more like a woman each passing day).
Back Row: The late Adrian Chennell (seated), Darryl “Chook” Preece, Bulldog, The late John Elsdon, Parham, Big Den and on the extreme right is that Rob Powell or Sleepy?

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