‘Beautiful and terrifying’ American cities in darkness.

For nearly 50 years, the photographer Camilo José Vergara has been documenting poor, segregated neighborhoods in large US cities.
A few years ago, he started photographing his ‘familiar haunts’ at night. To him, ‘these nocturnal worlds are both beautiful and terrifying’.
Front Deli Grocery, 2725 N Front Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2016.
Camilo José Vergara, who is know for capturing poor, segregated neighborhoods, has recently turned his attention to capturing these places during night-time
Photograph: Camilo José Vergara
Night view of Telway Hamburgers, a popular 24-hour dive, 6820 Michigan Ave in Martin, Detroit, 2015.
In order to make these photographs, Camilo stands on the roof of his car. 
‘I allow my fantasies to take over, with both astonishment and fear,’ Vergara says.
Source: ‘Beautiful and terrifying’: revisiting American cities in darkness | Art and design | The Guardian

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