‘Rural Nightscapes’ by Sarah Williams.

Paintings of desolate houses and unremarkable buildings by artist Sarah Williams that focuses on her roots in the rural American Midwest.
Raised in a small town then moving to an urban setting for her education led her to a greater awareness of the seemingly mundane areas close to her home.
The nightscapes have a familiar feel as we often see houses and buildings like these illuminated only by the glow of a television screen on the inside or neon lights on the outside as we pass them by.
Strong emotions can be prompted by a place. Over time, ways of life shape and define the people and the spaces in which they live.
Sarah is drawn to areas and structures that show character acquired from the history and memory of the people that formed that environment.
Aesthetically I am interested in light sources and the play of light on surfaces.
This led me to paint nightscapes of familiar yet isolated and unremarkable buildings, rooms and scenes located in rural areas close to my home. I use darkness to edit out extraneous information and provide the viewer with the essence of the place.
Portraying these settings as nightscapes allows me to convey the emotional tone of the painting.
The viewer’s location is not specifically implied because of the light source within the paintings.
They must find their own way and decide their own approach when out in the rural night depicted in these works.
See more Images via Nightscapes: Paintings by Sarah Williams | Faith is Torment

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