Night covers Josephine Falls.

Photograph and story by Jared Morgan – From Pic of the Week
I have always gravitated to night photography.
Mundane places can be very different, even spectacular when viewed through the filter of the darkness.
I also love landscape photography and with the arrival of the ‘wet season’ it was time to combine these two.
I waited until just on dark at Josephine Falls (about an hour south of Cairns), the last of the die hard tourists were all leaving.
I was alone, and surrounded by nothing but darkness and the noise of the wildlife waking to begin their nocturnal forays.
The photo was taken with a single long exposure whilst I ‘painted’ in areas I wished to light with a handheld torch.
I often consider this a very pure form of photography, even though the results sometimes seem dreamy and surreal.
The term photography means ‘drawing or writing with light’.
And like writing, every one has a unique way. Not right or wrong, just different.
It is a language, however, we can all understand.
Wooroonooran QLD 4860
Source: ABC OPEN: Nightfalls… || From Project: Pic of the Week

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