Frost Damaged Saguaro Cactus, Sonoran Desert.

As the dawn light bathed the desert, Photographer Jack Dykinga trained his lens on the distant Sand Tank Mountains.
The saguaro cactus had fallen victim to frost damage, allowing Jack to climb inside its contorted and drooping limbs.
He has spent a lifetime photographing frost-damaged cacti. ‘This is probably my best effort,’ he says.
Towering over the Sonoran Desert, these cacti have a plethora of amazing adaptions that enable them to survive long droughts.
The roots absorb precious rainfall, while the surface pleats expand like accordions as the cactus swells.
It is this adaptation that makes the cacti susceptible to frost, as the water in the saturated limbs can freeze.
Source: 50+ Best Wildlife Photos Of 2017 Were Just Announced And The Winning Pic Is Making Everyone Angry And Sad | Bored Panda

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