Frank Harding, the Final Goodbye.

frankharding1-scaled500I never knew Frank Harding the Englishman who worked in the Comp Room at the Old Guv during the 1960s.
Evidently Frank was a very nice sort of fellow who was very popular with the Aussie Compositors.
Which made him unique as most of the Pommy comps were treated with some suspicion by the Aussies.
Why you may ask?
Some of the older Australian compositors thought that some of our English comrades were not actually tradesmen. Nothing was ever proven though.
Back to Frank. He was the poor man who fainted when Dennis Starr ate a large moth that had frightened Frank by wandering into his work frame.
Anyway, Frank’s wife wanted to go back to the old homeland and so Frank gave notice.
The following pictures are memories of his departure celebrations.
frankharding2-scaled500From Left to Right: Frank Harding (seated) happily entertaining his workmates on the didgeridoo, the late Greg Novice, John Buckby, the late Colin Haines, Steve Palmer and Alex Riley (with hair).

From Left to Right: Bob Allen, Frank Harding, Darryl Stone, Kevin Stone, Alan Crate and the late Reg Hartshorne. Photo courtesy Kevin Stone.
Kevin says, “As far as I recall, we gave Frank his gifts at work – in the comp room – and then went straight over to the old South Australian Hotel, North Terrace to celebrate”.
Rod Parham

About Derwombat

My name is Rod Parham, Hot Metal Compositor. I was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1947. Single with two children and a grandson. I Love History, Movies and Words.

4 Responses

  1. Kevin Stone

    My soon to be wife at the time (Sue) and I drove Frank home after the farewell, picked up his wife and two children, then took them into the railway station for a final, final farewell.
    I still think it was one of the saddest occasions for Sue and me because we had a special friendship with Frank and his family. And you couldn’t wish to meet a nicer family, whom we missed for a long, long time.
    Frank somehow got our phone number when we were living in Port Moresby (PNG) in the early 80’s and we had a wonderful surprise call from him.
    But we’ve lost contact over the years, although it would be great to renew it if someone had Frank’s current details.


  2. Kevin Stone

    Well Rod, unfortunately I still haven’t got any further information about Frank or his family and as you know my beautiful darling wife Sue passed away from metastatic breast cancer in February 2016.
    Seeing this post once again though has instantly brought back great memories of my time at the Gov and the positive influence Frank had on my life.


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