The Burdekin duck is like no other duck in the world.

IMAGE CREDIT: Ben Queenborough/Shutterstock
THAT ONE in the front looks like the brains of the operation and the one at the back, well, you kinda just want to pinch its cheeks and stroke its soft little head.
Meet the Burdekin duck (Radjah radjah), otherwise known as the radjah shelduck, a species found in the coastal tropics of northern Australia, as well as in New Guinea and the Maluku Islands of eastern Indonesia.
Ranging from northern Queensland, where it’s rare, across to the coast of the Northern Territory, where it’s most common, and out around the Fitzroy River area of Western Australia, this duck is quite unlike any other shelduck on Earth.
Shelducks are large waterfowl, and could be considered as sitting halfway between a goose and a duck.
They’re known for the distinct green band of feathers that runs along the tops of their wings, and while there are only a handful of species, they’re spread out across the globe.
Source: The Burdekin duck is like no other duck in the world

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