Railways Printing, Adelaide.

 The Albion Press
This particular press has ‘strong personal value’ to SA Railways and was in continual use from the time of purchase in 1875/76 until 1975.
It was used to print special runs of printed materials eg parliamentary vouchers, interstate and special tickets, invitations and pre-Federation materials.
SA Railways received State Supply authority to do work for the Post Master General because of their ‘strict audit system’, this meant the printing of postal stamps and money orders.
During the Depression years food vouchers were also printed.
A gold painted eagle on the top of the press disappeared between the time (2 weeks) the Railway Commissioner gave permission and the press’ removal to the AGSA.
Examples of the work done on this press have been transferred to the Australia Post Museum in Melbourne.
The Stanhope Press
Frank McDonnell, railway advisor to the HTSA, retrieved this information from a retired print operator employed with SA Railways.
Karl Woltynski, who I used to visit regularly in my role as a Printing Union Organiser was a Polish born citizen, went to Germany and learned printing at 14 years of age.
He came to Australia in 1948 and worked with SA Railways until he retired in 1985.
He was a guard and porter before working as a printer.
Rod Parham

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