Fall in Love with Brumi.

brumi01Posted by Alice Yoo
With a face like that who wouldn’t love him? Brumi is a four-and-a-half-year-old Chow Chow dog who has a face that resembles a teddy bear’s. He’s owned by photographer Tom Klausz and together they reside in Hungary.
When asked what his temperament is like, Klausz said, “He is very likable and affectionate. Like all dogs, Brumi is also an individual with his own personality. He is rather stubborn, having the ability to pout like a child. Brumi has mood swings at times.
He is very smart and cheeky, he’s a faithful and excellent watchdog. His fur is very clean, like a cat!”
After Klausz’s previous dog, Teddy, passed away at the age of 12, Klausz decided to buy another pet to fill the empty space that Teddy left behind. Though he wanted a dog from a shelter, his desire for a Chow Chow breed was too strong, especially because Teddy was also that breed.
He found a breeder via the Internet, and when he went to visit, Klausz fell in love. “Little Brumi immediately ran up to us, grunting and making very cute noises,” he said. “We went to pick a dog, but it was Brumi who chose us!”
The proud owner started taking pictures of his dog after finding him to be very photogenic. “He loves when I take photos of him, so he often poses for me when he sees the camera in my hands,” said Klausz.
“It’s basically him telling me to take photos of him. Brumi is a wonderful dog, so I try to grasp his natural beauty, to show it to others.
“I hope that people can see and feel through my photos the devoted loyalty and unconditional love a dog can bring.”
See more Images via Fall in Love with Brumi, an Adorable Four-Year-Old Chow Chow – My Modern Met.

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