At the Old Guv and Netley Offices, all Comps at some time or other got the Clap!
If you were standing around talking to someone for more than five minutes, the word would go around the room and everyone one would watch and wait for you and your mate to finish your long boring chat.
When that finally happened a thunderous roar of Applause and clapping would erupt making it absolutely certain that the two slackers had been sprung!
Sometimes, the pair talking would catch on to what was coming and it was fun to watch them squirm and then try to sneak off together.
However, no-one ever missed out getting that Standing Ovation.
The late Warren Pietsch

About Derwombat

My name is Rod Parham, Hot Metal Compositor. I was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1947. Single with two children and a grandson. I Love History, Movies and Words.

7 Responses

  1. Stolen Biro

    My apologies for being disrespectful, Mr Moderator.Since Tex has pegged me as "angry" I shall curb my ways and be the perfect gentleperson from now on.Peace and goodwill to you all.


  2. Anonymous

    Nick, Peace to you and Wendy Brother!I’ll believe it when I see you go 6 months without being an arsehole.ROD


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