Party Girls. Who? When and Where?

Photograph: Courtesy Jude Marks
It’s not often that you get a group photograph of so many attractive women from the Old Guv.
The problem I have got with this photo is I don’t know all the people present.

Evidently, it was a Girl’s Night Out at the Iliad Greek Restaurant held during the 1970s.

So the question here is Who are the ‘Unknowns’?
Can anyone out there help a miserable sod called Rod?
So far I think we have got Standing: Gloria Tippins, Jean Newman (top row second from left), Ann Heilman (on the right side of Jean), then Janet McGuiness (nee Bierton) and then three Unknown ladies.
Seated: Annette Jackson, Barbara Bobridge (nee Currie), Rose LeCornu, a grumpy Jude Marks in the middle, Kaye ?? and then finally Jo Burnett.
Rod Parham

11 thoughts on “Party Girls. Who? When and Where?

  1. Ian Pedler wrote:
    Hi Rod
    I recognise some of the faces, but can’t name names or a date to the photo.
    Good luck with the search, I would be interested as there might be one of my old girlfriend there.

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  2. G’Day Rod and Alex
    Re the Photo
    I might be mistaken, but I reckon the second from the left in the back row, is Jean Newman. If I’m correct, Jean used to manage the very old switchboard at King William Street building (just as you came up the stairs and turned left for the comp room passing the Government Printers Office (W L Hawes) on the way, the switch board was before the GP’s door on the left (with King William Street just outside her window).

    Later, when the switch board was modernised, I think Jean continue to work as a Proof Reader (but that’s more of a guess than anything).

    There are several other “familiar” faces, but the grey cells need a good single malt and a snooze, to see if the subconscious can come up with anything else.

    Let me know what you think.

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    • Thanks for the history Mike. I think Ann Heilmann who is in the photo holds the key to all the names. I think Jude Marks and Jo Burnett are there too.


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