Party Girls. Who? When and Where?

Photograph: Courtesy Jude Marks
It’s not often that you get a group photograph of so many attractive women from the Old Guv.
The problem I have got with this photo is I don’t know all the people present.

Evidently, it was a Girl’s Night Out at the Iliad Greek Restaurant held during the 1970s.

So the question here is Who are the ‘Unknowns’?
Can anyone out there help a miserable sod called Rod?
So far I think we have got Standing: Gloria Tippins, Jean Newman (top row second from left), Ann Heilman (on the right side of Jean), then Janet McGuiness (nee Bierton) and then three Unknown ladies.
Seated: Annette Jackson, Barbara Bobridge (nee Currie), Rose LeCornu, a grumpy Jude Marks in the middle, Kaye ?? and then finally Jo Burnett.
Rod Parham

About Derwombat

My name is Rod Parham, Hot Metal Compositor. I was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1947. Single with two children and a grandson. I Love History, Movies and Words.

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