Landsborough Museum – Intertype.

photoSince volunteering at the Lansborough Museum I have been able to “demonstrate” the operation of this old model Intertype to visiting primary school children.
They were actually interested and amazed that a 96 year old machine still worked.
I have located the manufacture date, which the museum was very pleased about which was 26 Oct 1918.
About Landsborough.
The area was first settled in 1871 by Issac Burgess. At the time the settlement was known as Mellum Creek. It became a stopping point for Cobb & Co on the route from Brisbane to the new goldfields at Gympie. By 1877 Mellum Creek had a two storey hotel, a store and a butchers shop to service the passing trade and the local residents.
In 1890 the rail line through town was opened and the name changed to Landsborough after the explorer William Landsborough (1825-1886). He was the first explorer to cross the continent from north to south and was also one of the people chosen to lead expeditions to find Burke and Wills.
Landsborough was a logging town and the logs which had previously been either milled here or floated down the Mellum Creek could now be sent by train, so in 1890 Campbell and Sons moved their mill from Landsborough to Albion.
Always slightly overshadowed by it’s bigger neighbours Landsborough retains the charm of a small town, in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland.
via Historical Landsborough | Landsborough.

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