The Argus Newspaper, makes History with Colour 1952.

On Monday 28 July 1952, the Melbourne Argus became the first newspaper in the world to print in full colour.
In what was a technological marvel for its time, there were coloured photos of sporting events on the front and back pages.
The front page banner was printed in garish alternate blue and red block letters, which hopefully has never been repeated.
This was accompanied by a photo of the AV Hiskens steeplechase at Moonee Valley the previous Saturday.
Front cover of Melbourne’s Argus newspaper, printed in colour, showing horse jumps racing
The Argus, Monday 28 July 1952, Front Page.
The Argus wrote “Here’s a picture that makes news – and newspaper history, too.
It is the first time ever that a newspaper anywhere in the world has produced a high-speed action news picture in colour [sic] within hours of the event. It proves that colour [sic] news photography for daily journalism is a practical proposition and no longer a newspaper-man’s dream.”
via Picture makes history! The Argus newspaper in colour.

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