Pictures of Pyramids.

nationalgeographic-566231_87430_600x450The most famous pyramids are in Egypt, but there are plenty of others around the globe.
Among the ancients who also built these temples are Egypt’s neighbors in Sudan and the Maya in Mexico.
The United States and France have pyramids too—though they were built in the 20th century, as tourist attractions.
The photos in this gallery show pyramids both ancient and new, during times of growth, unrest, domination, and peace.
In the above photo, from a 1921 National Geographic article titled “From London to Australia by Aëroplane,” a man sits before the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt.
Though the image looks peaceful, the country at the time was growing restless under a British protectorate.
—By Becky Little,
photo gallery by Todd James
Photograph by James L. Stanfield, National Geographic
An old-fashioned Vickers Vimy biplane flies over the Pyramids of Giza at dawn in 1995.
See more favorite Images via From Giza to Vegas: Our Favorite Pyramid Pictures From Around the World.

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