Palouse Falls/Electric Bluebottle.


Stars Glow, Waters Flow. The Milky Way glows over Palouse Falls in Washington State. This image was created using a 25-second exposure for the stars and then exposing the canyon for around ten minutes to create a composite.
Photograph by Craig Goodwin, National Geographic Your Shot
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6044730_uploadsmember1005407yourshot-1005407-6044730jpg_km4qvwwskytjlfm4v7ekrshcx3p3eflutfvvbpyjwjhzlmh4iziq_3664x5130Electric Bluebottle. A Portuguese man-of-war (Physalia physalis), also known as a bluebottle, peeks out from beneath the waters of Shell Cove in New South Wales, Australia.
Photographer Matthew Smith experimented with many lighting techniques before getting the exposure just right with fiber-optic snoots on his underwater flashes.
Photograph by Matthew Smith, National Geographic Your Shot
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