Reflected Landscapes by Jaewoon U.

Jaewoon U has safely established himself as one of THE landscape photographers to follow in the 500px community. With a following of nearly 13K and almost 4 Million photo views to his profile, it makes you wonder what he’s doing right. And while it would impossible to break all of it down in a single […]

The Griffin Press.

Established in 1858 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Advertiser Newspapers Limited in Adelaide, South Australia, the company steadily built up a reputation for its fine printing, both locally and as far afield as the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In 1931 the company acquired a general printing plant called “The Register”, […]

Dragonfly visits Milan’s ‘Library of Trees.’

Milan, Italy A dragonfly perches on a pine branch at the ‘Library of Trees’ public park. Transforming the grey city, began with the planting of seeds in September and by trees and plants in November 2017. There will be 450 trees from 19 species, 90,000 plants including hedges, shrubs and climbers. The “Library of Trees” […]

‘Riding the Dreams’ by Pixel Pancho.

Riding the Dreams – The latest street art creations of Pixel Pancho – Artistes Street Art We present a new selection of street art creations by Pixel Pancho, this Italian artist based in Turin which we have already talked about several times. This prolific artist offers us again some very beautiful and poetic creations, skillfully […]

Lightning Strikes – Cantabrian coast.

Suances, Spain Lightning flashes and strikes in this beautiful shot taken over the sea off the Cantabria Coast in the north of Spain. Image Credit: Photograph by Pedro Puente Hoyos/EPA Source: Best photos of the day: Borough Market and a blue mermaid | News | The Guardian

The forgotten ‘Typographer’ 1829.

Among William Austin Burt’s numerous inventions were the typographer in 1829, which was a predecessor to the modern-day typewriter. The “typographer” was the first constructed and operating typewriter anywhere according to Burt. Burt searched far and wide for an appropriate name for his invention, but reluctantly settled with “typographer” which ultimately became “typewriter.” It consisted […]

The Feast of Saint John, village of Bibicat.

Aliaga, Philippines Devotees covered in mud and dried banana leaves take part in the Taong Putik festival in the village of Bibiclat. The residents celebrate the feast of Saint John by covering themselves in mud, dried banana leaves, vines, and twigs as part of a little-known Catholic festival. The festival traces its history from the […]

Who was the strange ‘Tie Cutter?’

1. Who was the Comp who would befriend all newcomers in the Comp Room? 2. He would gather all the information about their lives, their marriage, their children and their hobbies. 3. He would befriend them, they would think he was a lovely man… 4. After about 3 or 4 months he would cut all […]

John Martin’s Illustrations of Paradise Lost (1827).

John Martin’s Illustrations of Paradise Lost (1827). Paradise Lost (1667) tells the oldest story in the book. Blind as Homer and permanently exiled from political life after the Restoration of 1660, John Milton dictated an epic of the series of falls — of the angels, of Adam and Eve, of human language — that led […]

Breakfast at the Weekly Market.

© Nguyen Huu Thong. All rights reserved. The American Experience – 15th Annual Photo Contest. Breakfast at the Weekly Market in northern Vietnam, people come to the weekly market to exchange goods and culture. They usually wake up very early to go to market and have breakfast here. This photo is the Grand Prize […]