Old Guv Footy Side,1955.

gpd-footyThe Old Guv Men’s football side from 1955 at Rostrevor College Oval.
From Left to Right: Rex Wells (Comp), George Sparnon (Comp), Glyn Paul (comp), Paul Raby (Printer), Allan Hitchox (Comp), John Strudwick (Printer), Brian Long (Printer), Laurie Blackwell (Printer), Don Woolman (Comp), Mike Conroy (App. Machine Comp), Allan Swinstead (Comp), Dean Groves (Binder), Alex McDougall (Printer), Don Loose (Comp), John McInerney (Comp), Malcolm Lind (Binder), Frank Cole (Captain), Billy Ross (MonoCaster).
Kneeling: Paul Korff (App. Machine Comp), Ron Sparrow (Comp), Dick Korff (Binder).
This brave group of blokes played National Paper Industries (who used to make most of Adelaide’s paper bags) and got done.
They were wearing kit borrowed  from the Sturt Football Club and organised by Rex (Fitzy) Wells.
Photo courtesy of David Korff.


16 thoughts on “Old Guv Footy Side,1955.

  1. The uniform is possibly Sturt Football club.
    Squatting: Paul Korff, Ron Sparrow, Charlie Korff.
    Back row: George Sparnon, blank, Paul Raby, far right Don Woolman.
    Front row: blank, Alec McDougall.

    Over to the Oracle.

    Steve Palmer


  2. The Toff wrote:
    FRONT ROW – Paul Korff – Ron Sparrow – Dicky Korff

    MIDDLE ROW – Rex Wells – Mike Conroy – Alan Swinstead – Dean Groves – Alec McDougall – Don Loose – John McInerney, Malcolm Lind – DUNNO – DUNNO

    BACK ROW – George Sparnon – Glynn Paul – Paul Raby – Alan Hitchcock – DUNNO – Brian Long – DUNNO – Don Woolman

    Possible I just might be able to name them all by mid January


    • Left to Right Standing:
      Rex Wells, George Sparnon, Mike Conroy, Alan Swinstead, Glen Paul, Dean Groves, Alec MacDougall, Paul Raby, Don Loose, Alan Hitchcox, John McInerney, unknown, Malcolm Lind, Brian Long, unknown, Laurie Blackwell, unknown and Don Woolman.
      In front: Paul Korff, Ron Sparrow and Dick Korff.
      The guernsey was the old style then used by the Sturt Football Club.


  3. The guy standing next to John McInerney is Frank Cole, who was our captain and was captain of the North Adelaide “B” grade side. Frank was a letterpress machinist at the Old Guv. Frank passed away in Singapore a number of years ago. The jumpers are indeed from the Sturt Football Club organised by Rex (Fitzy) Wells. I think the day was at Rostrevor College and we played National Paper Vuepak who won. The person’s face standing in front of me is familiar; could it be Billy Ross, famous drummer, worked in the Mono Casters, a mate of Dick Korf.


    • Thank You Don,
      The Printers liked their footy. It would still have been National Paper Industries back in those days. Wasn’t Dick Korff in a band?


  4. Allan Swinstead was a Comp, next to John McInerney is Malcolm Lind Binder, not Frank Cole, then our Captain, Frank Cole, Printer. Mike Conroy was an apprentice Hand/Machine Comp as was Paul Korf. I think the unknown bloke in the back row, next to Allan Hitchcox is John Strudwick a Printer. I stuffed up with my original post about Frank Cole being next to John McInerney.

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    • Yep he was on the double bass and bass guitar. His main band was called The Planets and played the Norwood ballroom. Dicky (my dad) still talks about his days st the govt printing house!

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  5. Good on you Marcus. I used to call on Dicky when he had Korff Print Finishing in the city. I was the Union rep. say no more. You should come along to one of our Old Guv Luncheons. Contact David Korff he will give you my contacts.
    Rod Parham


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