Smallest Restaurant in the World?

This restaurant caters for a maximum of four people with a majestic view from its panoramic window.
A culinary highlight in the truest sense of the word is the “Holzknechthütte”. On the open fire, the chef prepares a multi-course menu in Carinthian tradition.
The “Holzknechthütte” exceeds all expectations – be it atmosphere, the view, the menu selection or the warmth of the chef.
All dishes are freshly prepared in front of you and fine wines and home-made “Schnapps” complete the unique experience.
The story of the “Holzknechthütte,“ Carinthia, Austria.
The forest workers – in Carinthia mainly lumberjacks – spent a whole week in the woods.
Up to the middle of the last century, lumberjacks would walk on foot to the far-away working places. As they made this trip only once a week they needed an on-site place for cooking and sleeping.
These were the simple lumberjack huts. Made of bark, they offered protection from wind and weather.
The food prepared on open fire was simple, healthy and good.
via The smallest restaurant in the world – Almdorf Seinerzeit Carinthia.

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