The Whale and the Surfer.

Image Credit: Photo by Mark Williams · · From Pic of the Week
I spent most of today photographing the whales, two cows each with calves close to shore, I got some nice shots but nothing really great.
I’m starting to get hungry and it’s lunchtime so I start to pack up, the whales have moved well to the east of my location so think I might come back later in the afternoon as they travel 2-3 kms up and down the beach each day during whale season.
A friend shows up and as we are talking we see some splashing, an adult female is tail slapping and there is some good surfing taking place in the foreground, I focus on the tail for most shots but thought it might be good to have the surfer in focus with the whale in the background.
I get home and viewing the photos I feel I have a nice Australian coastal photo that I am very pleased with.
Warrnambool VIC 3280
Source: ABC OPEN: Classic Coastal Aus || From Project: Pic of the Week

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